MEATliquor, Welbeck Street, London.

Sometimes all you need in life is a good, no sorry, GREAT burger to satisfy your junk food craving. The smell of grease, taste of juicy meat and a gob full of fries will only do. So after much planning (and debate to believe the hype) I finally made it to MEATliquor, Welbeck Street, London this week.

I got there around 7pm and the queue was already around the corner, full of London hipsters and city workers dying to get in. On arrival I was stamped / branded with a “FOOD” stamp and was told there was a 30mins wait for a table.

As we waited patiently we were given free (and can I say the biggest and the yummiest) onion rings and deep fried peppers. Tasty, thin batter not stodgy at all were served with a blue cheese dip which was tangy and morish.

As I looked into the restaurant the interior looked dark and busy, outside walls were covered with the menus and signs warning of “No-one under the age of 16 after 6pm” which made me chuckle and kinda jump with joy.

45mins later and we were at the door, we gave our names and were told to head to the bar. I thought the place would be crammed to the brim of people, there is nothing worse than being pushed and knocked about on an empty stomach however this was not true. The restaurant is small but organised, tables are spaced out and not packed like sardines in a can.

The liquor menu is original, contemporary and imaginative but being a girlie girl I opted for a cocktail, a Silver Angel to be exact. Vodka with peach and passion fruit topped with fizz, small but packed a punch! Within mins our names were called out and we were seated.

The table décor is simple; ketchup, mustard, mayo and kitchen towel roll – NO KNIFE AND FORK in sight. We shared a table with others however you don’t feel your space is being invaded.

I went for the Mushroom Swiss burger – double patties, mushrooms, Swiss cheese, red onions and pickles with a side of fries to share- I wanted to make room for dessert.

As Mid-West American music pumped out you feel you have been transported to another world, a bar or underground club that only selected people are allowed into are you are one of them, you feel proud to have made it in!. I have never seen people look so happy to be eating burger and fries on a Wednesday night, not in Soho or Shoreditch!.

Food arrived, I took a deep breath and dived in. Food is served on a tray, simples. The patties were thin, perfectly cooked to medium rare, juicy and salivating. Meat juices and ketchup oozed out everywhere which of course I scooped up and ate. The Swiss cheese was gooey and stretchy just how I like it. The bucket of fries were crunchy and fluffy perfect for two people.

After being branded the best and hippest burger joint in London, no reservations policy and the ridiculous queuing is it all a bit OTT? The answer is NO!. I’ve been a Byron burger fan for a while but MEATliquor has stolen it’s crown. The staff were friendly and well organised, they didn’t hassle you during your food and we were not rushed in and out. We left at 9pm and there were still people lining up to come in. The burgers are not overpriced (£7.50 for a Mushroom Swiss) and the cocktail prices were average for Central London.

The only downer is the wait, you can’t leave the queue and if you are waiting for a friend they will have to join the back of the queue. Maybe introducing a pager system like Wahaca and Jamie’s Italian would help ease the wait or possibly opening a bar nearby?.

BELIEVE THE HYPE, MEATliquor was worth it.

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