American Style Pancakes recipe

Shove Tuesday/ Pancake day tomorrow, time for my take on American Style pancakes….

You will need:

1 mug

self-raising flour or plain flour


2 tsps brown sugar

2 tsp of ground cinnamon

half a tsp of grated nutmeg

half tsp baking poweder

1 egg

nob of butter or marg

I have never been good with measuring ingredients so I use a mug or go by eye.

Place a mug and a half of flour (self-raising or plain flour) into a mixing bowl. Add 2 table spoons of sugar (I always use brown),  half a tsp of baking powder, 2 tsp of ground cinnamon, half a tsp of grated nutmeg, Mix together then add a mug of milk and whisk together till there are no lumps. Beat an egg and melt some butter or marg and add to the mix. The batter should be thickish like a tempura batter.

Feel free to add other flavours like chocolate chips, mashed bananas and blueberries.

Heat a flat pan and lightly oil, ladel some of the batter onto the pan. The pancake should rise and bubbles start to appear that’s when you know it’s time to flip it over.

The batter should make 10 – 15 pancakes  Serve with jam/ maple syrup/ nutella/ peanut butter – whatever you want!