Burger and Lobster, Dean Street, London

For me lobster was always seen as a luxury food, unaffordable and not something I would attempt to cook. So when I heard you could get lobster, fries and salad for £20 I was gob smacked. Burger and Lobster, Dean street London has opened to queues of punters and keen seafood lovers to feed their taste of the ocean.

Despite the no reservations under 6 people policy I managed to blag (beg) a reservation for lunch. As you walk in the layout is casual, simple with an American diner feel. Comfy red leather booths are dotted around perfect for small – large groups.

Lightbulbs dangle from the ceiling to create a relaxed atmosphere.

To the left of the restaurant is the long bar area, a contemporary metallic counter top with wooden bar stools.

We sat near to the open kitchen where you can get a sneak peak to the bustling chefs.

The tank where they keep the lobsters.

We were handed only a drinks menu and opted for a fruity mocktail – off menu made up of grapefruit, strawberry and mint.

Being there is only 3 main courses and 2 dessert options no food menu is needed; Burger (meat), lobster (grilled or steamed) or the Lobster roll. All dishes come with a side of skinny fries and salad.

The waiter was friendly, funny and attentive, within minutes we had our drinks.

Even their tap water was in a branded bottle.

As we waited for our food I looked around at the other diners, to our right were a middle-aged couple, lots of first dates, families, students and friends – a real mix of ages and backgrounds. Within minutes the restaurant was filled with the lunchtime rush.

The service is quick; food arrived 10mins after ordering. I went for the lobster roll, chunks of lobster in a toasted brioche roll.

My sis went for the grilled lobster which was cleverly marked along the shell for cracking open. It can get fiddley and messy but it’s part of the fun.

The lobster meat was sweet, juicy and fresh. The butter dip was delicious adding another dimension to the fish. The roll was filled to the brim of lobster, no complaints from me.

The biggest debate was the dessert; raspberry cheesecake or Chocolate moose with a salted peanut caramel.. of course chocolate all the way. We got one to share and it arrived in a little ice-cream tub. Topped with chucks of chocolate we dived in, OMG it was amazing!. Think Snickers bar but in a tub, smooth chocolate top with a salted creamy caramel and peanut bottom.

I always say you can tell a lot from a restaurant’s toilets, anywhere that has hand wash and hand cream is a winner in my book.

I noticed a service charge on the receipt, slightly cheeky but what could I do?. My experience at B&L was brilliant. They’ve created a relaxed, friendly (not poncy) environment to cater to all. Don’t let the no reservations policy put you off, the place is big enough to fit diners without the feeling you are being rushed in and out. Waiters and waitresses were organised, dressed and looked professional.

The food is as good as it’s reviews. 5 stars from me! *****

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