Egg Fried Rice with chilli and garlic prawns

I’m on cooking duties this week and grabbed whatever was in the cupboard to rustle up something in 15mins. I cook my fried rice in stages.

I used…

Leftover rice (basmati)

Frozen peas

chopped garlic

Dried chilli flakes

spring onion and chives

Frozen king prawns

4 eggs

Stage 1

Heat a wok with a little oil and add sliced spring onions, fry for a little bit and add the 4 beaten eggs. Keep moving the egg around to create scrambled egg, don’t overcook.

Stage 2

Tip the egg onto a plate and then fry off the rest of the onions and chives. Add the chopped garlic,  prawns and peas. Sprinkle over some (and only some!) dried chilli flakes and cook till the prawns turn pink.

Stage 3

Add the rice and egg and mix everything together. Add salt and pepper and a sprinkle of freshly chopped corriander and it’s done.

Instead of prawns you can add any meat you have in your fridge. Ham / bacon/ chicken/ leftover roast lamb.