Egg Fried Rice with chilli and garlic prawns

I’m on cooking duties this week and grabbed whatever was in the cupboard to rustle up something in 15mins. I cook my fried rice in stages.

I used…

Leftover rice (basmati)

Frozen peas

chopped garlic

Dried chilli flakes

spring onion and chives

Frozen king prawns

4 eggs

Stage 1

Heat a wok with a little oil and add sliced spring onions, fry for a little bit and add the 4 beaten eggs. Keep moving the egg around to create scrambled egg, don’t overcook.

Stage 2

Tip the egg onto a plate and then fry off the rest of the onions and chives. Add the chopped garlic, Β prawns and peas. Sprinkle over some (and only some!) dried chilli flakes and cook till the prawns turn pink.

Stage 3

Add the rice and egg and mix everything together. Add salt and pepper and a sprinkle of freshly chopped corriander and it’s done.

Instead of prawns you can add any meat you have in your fridge. Ham / bacon/ chicken/ leftover roast lamb.