BBQ Whisky Beer, Shepherds Bush, London

Dirty Burgers, Dirtier Whisky, Filthy Blues.

Forget going to Dalston, Hackney or Shoreditch for a quality dirty burger, head to the West as BBQ Whisky Beer has landed in Shepherds Bush. London’s latest pop up has taken residency at the old Grand Union pub till Christmas 2012, open Wed -Fri 6pm- 10pm and Saturday and Sundays all day.

Pub owner Sam is mainly used to serving pub grub to hunger city workers. But with a strong restaurateur and catering background, he urned to expand his passion for affordable quality fast food. With a little encouragement from his West London pals BBQ Whisky Beer was born.

The exterior of the pub is dark and mysterious painted a midnight black, but twinkles in the moonlight with soft dim lighting, Roman candles and golden fairy lights that highlight the large windows. As you walk in its like you’ve stepped back in time to a 1930’s saloon in Mid West America or post Blitz pub . Swing, country and blues music quietly fills the air creating a cosy and welcoming ambience.

A large bar to the left is stacked full of whiskies, beers and liquors with friendly bar staff to help you along on choosing the right tipple for you. As we ordered our drinks I admired the pub’s decor, old fashioned wooden tables, leather arm chairs and oversized lamp stands creates a vintage rustic feel.




An antique piano sits in the corner, collectable whisky bottles line the window sills and black and white photos are dotted around the walls. You just know that you have stumbled upon something special.

The menu consists of 6 burgers ranging from £7.50 -£8.50 and includes twists on some classics with a dash of originality thrown in. There are three BBQ options and as well as sides to choose from.


Being a huge pulled pork fanatic I went for the BBQ bun with chilli slaw. Sweet, smokey, tangy tender shredded pork sat on a toasted brioche bun. The slaw is just the right helping, not overloaded with mayo it’s fresh and crunchy with a hint of heat from the chilli it adds another layer of heaven to the pork.

My blog contributor Dale was ready for a feast and ordered the Southern Fried Chicken Burger. A thick chicken breast is kept succulent by its crispy coating sandwiched between garlic mayo, nachos, melted American cheese, salsa, pickle all in a gleaming brioche bun too. No grease, no oil just good ol sloppy stick your waist goodness.

The chips were proper chips, could of been double deep fried as its outer skin was super crunchy and inside incredibly fluffy.


We were stuffed!! But As the plates cleared we were offered the one dessert on the menu. An icecream Sundae made up of scoops of a salted caramel and a cornflake icecream topped with fudge sauce and dark chocolate sticks. How could we say no?!.

The cornflake icecream intrigued me the most, inspired by an old cornflake panna cotta recipe, cornflakes are steeped in milk for 24 hrs and then drained. The infused milk is then churned to create a taste sensation. Think of the milk left at the bottom of your cereal bowl but as an icecream. It was a revelation! Completely mind blowingly imaginative. The salted caramel cuts the sweetness, delicately salty and balanced with just the amount of sugar. More surprises followed with flicks of cornflakes and coco pops hover at the bottom of the glass.

BBQ Whisky Beer is a blessing. For years I have waited for a decent affordable BBQ and burger joint to open in W12 and now it’s finally here. Sam and the team has created a pop up that’s bang on trend minus the snobbery and over hype that some eateries portray. As a customer you leave feeling rather excited that you’ve discovered this secret little hidden gem right on your doorstep.

I have nothing but high praise for BBQ Whisky Beer, definitely check them out before it’s too late. I’ll be back soon to try the wings.