The Bollo House, Chiswick, London

There’s nothing like spending a rainy lazy Saturday in a cosy local gastro pub with great friends.

The Bollo house is perfect place to relax, chat, work and feast on quality pub grub.  This large family friendly pub is tucked away in leafy Bollo Lane, Chiswick. They pride themselves on high quality seasonal  produce, hearty portions and say that their Sunday Roast rules the roost!.

My blog contributor for the day Yasmin is a regular and being my second visit I thought I would go all out and have a three course meal.  The menu changes daily according to what’s in season, not in season not on the menu!.

Every starter, main and dessert looks so temptingly appetizing, whether you are in the mood for something light or a carboholic lunch there’s the right dish for you.

We decided to go with the goats cheese tempura with a rocket and fig salad drizzled with aged balsamic to share.Beautifully golden brown crispy tempura enclosed the salty goats cheese wagon wheel.

The cheese holds its shape but it’s edges melts slightly. The portion is perfect for two to share, although deep fried remains light and non greasy. The sweet figs against the tang of the balsamic is a match made in heaven.

I noticed a new addition to the menu Piri Piri chicken which I only ever have at Nandos – don’t knock Nandos, their cheesecake is delicious!. The two chargrilled boneless chicken thighs were smokey,  fleshy and succulent but not too spicy. The chilli came from the harissa  inspired tomato sauce, sweet and sourish a great accompaniment but I personally I would of liked more of a heat kick to give it that extra oomph. The sautéed potatoes topped with sour cream and chives were like mini hot jacket potatoes each smothered in lashing of thick sour cream.

Yasmin’s 28 day dry aged Scottish steak  was cooked to medium perfection. Tender rib eye cuts through like butter, the black peppered sauce was just enough to soak the steak but not drown.

After a good rest we made way for dessert, a dark chocolate fondant with peanut butter icecream (off menu!) and a salted caramel icecream on the side. Warm, rich, chocolate sponge with a river of oozing chocolate in the middle was simply lush. The salty chunky peanut butter icecream cut through the bitterness of the chocolate as did the creamy caramel icecream which had a of hint maple syrup taste to it.

Our lovely waiter Stefan was attentive, polite, funny and knew the menu like the back of his hand – the man deserves a raise!.  The meat and vegetables were fresh, well seasoned and presented beautifully. The Bollo House’s passion for Grade A food is purely down to their top notch suppliers, knowledgeable staff and a fantastic chef.

A five star dining experience guaranteed, at a local gastro pub, prices that won’t burn a hole in your pocket what more could you ask for?.

I’m already thinking about which dish to have on my next visit.


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