Review of Gail’s Artisan Bakery, Chiswick, London


After enjoying a 3 course pub lunch I decided to walk off my food coma and wonder down Chiswick High street. I have a very bad habit of peering into the windows of the local bakeries and patisseries and my trip to Gail’s was no different.

Gail’s Artisan Bakery have been a Chiswick resident since 2010, creating inspiring breads, cakes, pastries and soups daily. Presented beautifully in weaved wicker baskets and dainty cake stands it’s hard not to resist their temptingly delicious handmade treats.

Bread Purists


Their awards winning breads can be compared to a French boulangerie, loaves of fresh, healthy and organic breads and baguettes line the window. Their textures, flavourings and seasonings will make you think twice in buying a cheap shop own brand bread and swap it for a rustic hearty walnut campagne or perhaps a Goat’s cheese and sweet potato loaf?. All the breads are made with fresh ingredients, no preservatives or artificial colours just pure goodness.



Remember your all inclusive holidays aboard and coming down in the morning to the splendid display of pastries on offer? well in Gail’s it’s like that every single day! Continental delights of flakey soft Danish pastries,  buttery croissants and cinnamon and chocolate swirls is enough to send anyone into a flutter. Baked from scratch every morning, even their butter is selected from specific French creams to produce delicate moorish treats.

Not forgetting their sweet breads/ loaves


Cakes and much more

I nearly passed out these beauties…..


mammoth muffins


Pecan cinnamon crumble cake and coconut macaroons


White chocolate cheesecake – yes please!


Mini morsels / bites of chocolate & pistachio and blackberry financier


Cookies!!!!! – sorry the photo is slightly blurred




                                                                                   Chocolate flourless cake – I wanted to slip this whole cake into my handbag!!

Gail’s Artisan Bakery is certainly a baker’s paradise, their inspiring produce is presented as eye candy for all. Superb natural ingredients, flavours and most importantly all handmade daily. Their creations are diverse, fresh, organic, mixing British classics with European twists. Breakfast, lunch, dips, tea & coffee and  treats to fill your larder are all available too.

Magnificent bakery, definitely worth the visit. Expanding the brand,  Gail’s Kitchen has recently opened in Bloomsbury, a restaurant combining their produce to create meals for the masses.