Review of Bone Daddies, Soho, London

Avoiding a burger for detox January I headed down to Soho’s latest noodle bar Bone Daddies, Soho, London for a bowl of ramen.

The decor is modest, casual, and bright.  The layout of the restaurant  is similar to a high street coffee shop as table tops and stools line the windows. Like Wagamama the theme of sitting together at a long wooden table is visible, high stools are tucked underneath each section.  The restaurant was semi full of hunger punters even after the lunchtime rush.


Clever novelty pots of goodies, oils, sauces and spices line the window sill.  A little pot filled with hair bands – no girl likes ramen in her hair!  fresh garlic with crusher and a sesame seed grinder – genius!


IMG_2603 IMG_2604

There are 7 ramen dishes to choose from and one salad option however I was surprised that no vegetarian dish was available. Not even tofu! Only pork or chicken. You might need a dictionary or Google handy to look up some of the ingredients in each dish – we’re cultured girls but had no idea what mizuna was! All dishes come with Clarence court egg, bamboo and bean sprouts.

IMG_2597 IMG_2598

I went for the Tonkotsu Ramen, a warming soup sprinkled with spring onions and chashu pork buried in a 20 hour pork bone broth. The noodles were cooked to perfection and held its consistency within the soothing rich buttery creamy broth. Slightly salty for my taste but the seasonings used were sublime. The pork was thinly sliced with a rim of fat around it, I would have preffered a thicker slice and the fat removed but the soup is just what I needed on a cold carb free day. The boiled egg remained semi runny and flowed  nicely against the other elements of dish.


My blogging contributor for the day was Jelena who went for the T22, soy ramen noodles, chicken, crispy cock scratchings floating in a golden brown chicken broth. It was spicy but very mild. For someone who likes hot food it probably wasn’t spicy enough and added chilli oil which made it just right. The sesame grinder got her all giddy with excitement. Chicken was tender and the cock scratchings remained crunchy despite immersed in the mellow broth.  “You can never go wrong with a bit of cock scratching”. The rest of the dish was very flavoursome and tantalizing.

One small criticism we were handed our bill without asking for it. I hate being rushed out of a restaurant especially as this was a girly catch up lunch. I understand that the lunch service closes at 3pm however it was 2.30pm and the restaurant was practically empty with more people arriving just before we left.  Also a cheeky service charge was added to the bill which is pet peev of mine – The charge is stated on the menu but we had 4 different people serving us; one hostess, an order taker, a food bringer and a bill giver.

All in all my Bone Daddies experience was a pleasant one. The food was exactly what I wanted, a comforting winter warmer without the stodge.  With Itsu around the corner serving  noodle soups from £6, £11 for ramen is stretching the purse strings if on a budget. The portions were large with just the right amount of noodles to broth. A veggie ramen option would be a great addition going forward. The service could do with some improvement but we left with our bellies filled and feeling that we’ve  eaten a healthy and nutritious meal.

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