Review of Foxcroft and Ginger Cafe, Berwick St, London

En Route to Bone Daddies, I spotted Foxcroft and Ginger, an inviting, cosy hidden gem of a cafe in the middle of Soho. Blogger contributor Jelena and I always opt for the usual high street coffee shop, however F & G looked too good to turn down.


Greeted by friendly faced hipster staff the cafe oozes with homemade, wholesome and hearty deli style dishes and treats. We had already eaten but needed a sweet pick me up.


The guy behind the counter with the coolest tash in the world recommended which cakes were best to try.


Trust me it was hard to choose; lemon cake, chocolate fingers, carrot cakes and pastries – all too good to turn down!.


Largest scones I’ve ever seen!!!


I went for the banana bread which was kindly toasted to perfection. The chunks of banana melted and gooey against the light sponge cake. Absolutely delicious!


I encouraged Jelena to go for the chocolate brownie, mainly because I wanted to try it ;-). Rich, dense, creamy slightly bitter chocolate incased in a light sponge coating – Chocolate Heaven!


I’m no coffee fan but according Jelena her cup of joe was top notch! it’s hazelnut colour and strong aroma even made me want a sip. ¬†Freshly ground beans with a hint of milk was a sensation.


Foxcroft and Ginger is a superb coffee shop/cafe, a little place with a lot of heart. They care about their customers and what they serve, unlike most of the popular coffee shops around. Being served tea in a teapot with real tea leaves is pure class. Their cakes and savoury dishes were mouthwateringly tempting and scrumptious.


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One thought on “Review of Foxcroft and Ginger Cafe, Berwick St, London

  1. Looks good, really nice interior draws you in – just needs the waitress to register that someone sat 10 mins might be meaning to stay and buy something!

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