Review of North South Soup


North South soup has launched with a bang, successfully  hosting its first pop up at Kensal Rise’s The Shop NW10. Wembley’s thriving new soup business creates fresh seasonal soups,  using organic produce, blending together imaginative flavours including;

Moroccan Spicy Lamb, Chickpea and Saffron Soup

Sweet Potato and Ginger Soup

Broccoli, Spinach and Roasted Garlic Soup

Sweetcorn, Coc0nut and Coriander Soup


At first glance the soup is a thick smoothie  like texture not a gloopy gluey consistency like some  other well known brands.  With a whiff of ginger subtly coming through,  the sweetness of the  potato oozes an amber yolk colour.


The soup is rich and bursting with that distinctive sweet potato taste. After a few spoonfuls, the hum of the nutty ginger and flecks of fresh garlic begins to warm your throat giving off a comforting slow releasing  heat. The spiced stock needed a sprinkle of seasoning for me, however the combination of  wholesome flavours and ingredients were sublime.


North South Soup was the perfect light lunch I needed on a Spring crisp day. Fresh, natural and delicious – ticked all the right boxes!.

Move over Covent Garden soups there’s a new broth bunch in town!

Thank you to the lovely Kai for dropping off a tub of sunshine soup.

Twitter: @NorthSouthSoup