Blog review of new Lindt Chocolates #Lindt

The Swiss Chocolatier have released their latest gift ranges just in time for Mother’s Day (Sunday 10th March).

The Lindt Chocolate balls are beautifully packed within a blue metallic box, topped off with a ribbon to memic  the perfect present.


Inside are two varieties of blue and golden chocolate balls; nougat crunch and cookies and cream.



The chocolate balls were classic Lindt amazingly creamy, rich and wonderful with a bite. Although quite similar I preferred the nougat crunch and I don’t normally like nougat. The nougat ball had a rich chocolate truffle filling as well as mini crunchy bits, I’d say it was a nice way to mix it up a bit if you’re going to sit and stuff your face full of Lindt chocolates.  The crunchy reminded me of Malteasers but extra creamy and light. It really melts in your mouth, aftertaste leaves little signatures of nuttiness.


I thought the cookies and cream was disappointing  slightly too creamy/ milky for my taste however I am a big fan of white chocolate, the mixture of both milk, white and creaminess with crunch was delicious. The chocolate cup is filled to the brim of white chocolate with a good amount of cookie crumble inside.  A chocolate tailored for the American taste bud, very sweet, almost condensed milk sweetness.


I also liked the way they are made using two halves so, if like me, you don’t like eating things whole you can just bite it down the middle line and it splits into two perfect pieces.

Lindt’s new Hello, Just Want To Say Thank You chocolates are adorable, packaged in a charming compact black chic box, perfect as a little something to say thanks.


Inside lay four miniature chocolates;  a smooth praline milk chocolate coating with chocolate crunchy bits within a nutty creamy nougat filling.


When I bit into the chocolate I was surprised to find that it’s filling wasn’t a smooth praline and would of much preferred something on the lines of the Lindor truffle which is rich, solid and more chocolatey. All four chocolates had the same nougat milky taste, maybe the love hearts could have the nougat and the others just milk chocolate? – just an idea and to give some variety.


Lindt continues to produce decadent, mouthwatering and elegant chocolates and gifts for all. Their prices and gorgeous packaging stands out from their competitors, as they strive to create confectionery for all ages. When you receive a Lindt gift you know you are receiving quality, moreish and luxurious chocolates.

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