Review of Element 29 Vodka Launch Party

Element 29 Vodka is a brand new British artisan Vodka which offers an environmentally friendly refill bottle,  made with 100% natural ingredients and best of all 100% British.


Dubbed the “The only green vodka” – Element 29 is packed in 8.4 L ‘bag in box’ reservoirs, used to re-fill frosted, silk screened service bottles. 


This innovation reduces packaging by 95%, cutting transported weight by 45% and transported volume by 63%. The carbon cost of producing and recycling glass are completely avoided.

I was lucky enough to attend Element 29’s launch party at Selfridges, London and try out their incredible green vodka.



The bottle is chic and glamourous with a silver cool white frosted effect for the plain vodka and a jet black matt finish bottle for the salted caramel version.



The plain vodka  was very smooth and pleasant to drink without having to add a mixer to it. It tasted fresh, natural, light and not as strong and acidic compared to some vodkas.

The salted caramel felt almost alcohol free and left the taste of some caramel dessert in my mouth rather than vodka. It’s one of those drinks that you shouldn’t have too many of because it can get you very tipsy without realising. Silky and sweet with toffee and butterscotch tones with hints of vanilla was divine.


Element 29 Vodka starts life in East Anglia where the wheat and grain is grown and harvested for a rich starch taste. The grain then travels to Manchester where it is a mashed, malted and fermented to a malt liquor, heated slowly then distilled 7 times to create that pure vodka flavour.


The spirit is then extracted and taken on it’s final journey to a copper made tank where it is refined even further. The copper removes any leftover impurities without tainting the flavour of the vodka.

Element 29 Vodka has created a innovative, forward thinking and creative British product that could really revolutionise the way we consume and produce alcohol in this country.  It’s creator’s passion and commitment to making a green and environmentally friendly drink it evident from it’s harvesting process, packaging and taste,