Pop Up Ping Pong (PUPP) W14 London

This Saturday saw the launch of Pop Up Ping Pong (PUPP) in Kensington, London, a one off event merging ping pong, street food and cheap beer into one.



The large disused pub was transformed into a mini sports bar / games room, 4 ping pong tables lined the main floor itching to be played with. A cross between a student union and an underground bar, the atmosphere was great. After an hour the place was rammed, all 280 tickets sold out!.





#BRGR was on food duty tonight,  serving up 2 types of street food burgers; cheeseburgers and white truffle burgers. Food and drinks were reasonably priced.


There was a slight mix up on our order and we ended up with 4 slider truffle burgers which were too under cooked (almost raw) for me.  I couldn’t detect the truffle flavour and was disappointed that processed American cheese was used, a good English cheddar or mozzarella would of been ace. The delicious sweet ketchup was identical to McDonalds – I need the secret recipe! and the glossy brioche buns were adorable; soft, buttery and fresh.



The second round of cheeseburgers were an improvement however still way too under done and slightly too large for the bun.  The quality of the meat was fantastic; juicy, meaty and not too fatty – sorry for the blurry photo my iPhone went nuts.


You could really get into the spirit of the night by showing off your ping pong skills against random people. A very sociable place, great for after work drinks, dates or a fun sporting activity.  In a perfect hidden location for such an event, with ping pong balls flying everywhere just adds to the whole excitement and fun. You don’t have to be a brilliant ping pong player, it’s a complete laugh so just go with it.


The event was sold out and you could see why; the event organisers were super friendly and accommodating, a family run affair which was incredibly endearing. Cheap entry fee, food and drinks will certainly appeal to the student and money saving crowd.

PUPP has the potential to be huge! with other ping pong venues appearing across London, PUPP has certainly hit a niche yet buzzing trend.  With small tweaks to the food service and burgers to made,  the Pop Up Ping Pong and #BRGR collision is about to  blow up.

I look forward to their next event!