Review of Pho, Westfield, London

Pho serves up Vietnamese street food soups, salads and noodle dishes to hungry punters daily. A small family run chain (6 in total around London) their mantra is to create authentic, tasty and healthy food at a affordable prices.

With snow still falling in March I opted for a heartwarming Pho Ga soup – shredded chicken, noodles within a chicken broth.

Within my Pho To Go takeaway bag of goodies was a tub of dark yet clear hot broth, a bag of fresh herbs including mint, coriander and lime, cooked rice noodles and shredded chicken seasoned with spring onions.

IMG_3932 IMG_3933

I poured everything into the broth tub and let it sit for a few mins – Β a bit like a pot noodle. Wholesome, refreshing, detoxing noodle soup, the broth was well seasoned with a salty tones of the chicken. The vegetables and herbs were crunchy, fresh and added another dimension of flavour to the soup.Β I liked the DIY aspect of the meal, satifsying and fun to play with your food.