Review of Bunta London Popup at The Shop NW10

After being mesmerised by the vibrant food and stall at the Real Street Food Festival two weeks ago, Bunta had stolen my heart and I couldn’t wait try their Vietnamese street food on offer.


An Italian sister team with head chef Luisa calling the shots, this small but passionate street foodie held their first popup at The Shop NW10  last week.

The menu was a collection of hot and cold dishes, exotic, nutritious & traditional to the local street vendors in Vietnam.

bunta 4

Starting the night off were hand sliced lotus root chips/ crisps. Beautifully shaped  deep fried chips, lightly salted and sprinkled with chilli powder for a kick.


Goi cuon – summer rolls made from rice paper stuffed full of rice vermicelli fresh herbs and king prawns. A simple, light, refreshing salad roll a fantastic appetizer with sweet tangy hoisin & garlic dipping sauce was the perfect accompaniment.

bunta roll

Banh bao heo thit nuong – Soft slightly sweet and warmed bouncy bun pocket stuffed with sweet sticky tender chunks of marinated pork shoulder, charred for a smoky flavour but not bbq-ed  creating a succulent, juicy and fantastically seasoned meat. The fresh and raw herbs, chilies and sliced vegetables added crunch, texture and heat to the bun.

 BUNTA BUN bunta roll 2

Bun bo nuong la lot – Thinly sliced beef skirt marinated in lemongrass and black seasame wrapped in betel leaf and chargrilled, sat on a bed of rice vermicelli salad with beanshoots, sliced chilies  fresh coriander and thin sliced carrots and cucumber.  Vibrant, crunchy, fresh, healthy and salad.  Balanced flavours of spicy, sweet and sour created a mellow yet exceptionally seasoned summer salad.  The salad dressing was a mixtures of vinegar, fish sauce, sugar and chilli which bought the whole dish together, bringing to life the sweetness of the vegetables and adding another layer of flavour to the already tender marinated beef.


Bunta really showed off their passion for Vietnamese street food, taking inspiration from their travels and bringing them back to the UK to create authentic, simple and tasty dishes. I was blown away by the different flavour and texture  combinations, the mix of sweet and spice, raw and soft. Each dish was carefully thought out and reasonably priced, the herbs and vegetables were fresh and played and key part to each meal. Like most Asian cooking meat is not the centre of attention. Bunta’s beef and pork was lovingly cooked to perfection, the great quality of meat, marinated in bold seasonings and slow cooked created tender, moist and infused flavours for melt in your mouth goodness.

Cannot wait to try out the rest of the menu soon!