Review of Chocolate Fusion

Chocolate Fusion is the baby of husband and wife due Nick and Kitty who founded the business in a small village Glynarthen in West Wales near Cardigan. Their passion is to create the finest artisan handmade chocolates using exquisite quality chocolate from Belgium and France and the freshest ingredients sourced locally. By using high quality ingredients Chocolate Fusion are able to produce high end chocolate truffles, pralines and solid chocolates including chocolate bars.


Chocolate Fusion Milk Chocolate Bar – Premium Ecuador chocolate.

Glossy, minimal but modern designed packaging the flat slab of chocolate was surprisingly creamy, I thought that being a high cocoa solid it would be bitter and unpleasant but it was the complete opposite. Not as chocolately as Cadburys but still a high quality of chocolate and enjoyable chocolate bar.



The 12 chocolate luxury collection box

A small gift box containing 12 signature chocolate truffles were presented in a clear top and red bottom box. Wrapped in a gold elasticated string with a paper menu it looked moderate compared to it’s competitors. I liked that I could see the look and size of the truffles however a beautiful branded gift box with the company logo embellished would be a great way to get Chocolate Fusion marketed. The menu could of been printed on quality card and placed inside the box, little details make all the difference. You can see the Hotel Chocolat influence in the thought process but you should never imitate.



Each truffle was filled full of chocolate ganache,  a creamy thick texture. Not bitter at all but smooth, rich and very chocolatey. I first tried the salted caramel truffle but the bitter and extremely harsh sea salt was too overpowering and masked the rich caramel and chocolate taste. This was also true of the sesame and mango, if you are using a fusion of flavours I want to taste each distinctive ingredient.


IMG_4176 IMG_4175 IMG_4174 IMG_4173

The truffles were beautifully handcrafted, each different in shape, colour and pattern. The high quality of the chocolate was impressive, a rich intense flavoursome taste and creamy luxurious texture. A few tweaks to the packaging and more bolder flavourings could really kick start this small business to the next level.

 New products are being developed and added all the time, please do check their website