Review of No Joke pepper sauce

I love a good hot sauce, there are so many varieties on offer from Indian, Thai, Mexican but finding an authentic Caribbean pepper sauce can be hard. After an appearance in the Evening Standard No Joke Pepper Sauce caught my eye.


Creator Susanna used inspiration from her Trinidadian heritage to produce a homemade pepper sauce a fusion of scotch bonnet peppers, papaya, lime, ginger and spices. Every Caribbean household either makes their own or has a favourite sauce to drench over their food. The words no joke is a famous Caribbean saying – you are reminded that this is a condiment with very serious credentials.

There are 3 levels of sauces; Medium, Mild and Hot.


A yellow mustard colour with a citrus underlay and a fruity roundness was delicious. Tangy and sour from the lime, spiced and seasoned well,  catering for the slight chilli hit enthusiast.  The texture was smooth and thick perfect as a dipping sauce, meat or fish marinade or on the table condiment.



A jar of sunshine, flavour and colour, packed a punch thanks to the scotch bonnet however was not overpowering. Warming sensation from the ginger gave a coarser texture but was not bitter.  Thoroughly enjoyable!.



Last but not least was the hot sauce, now the other two were pretty chillitastic however the heat and spice were subtle and gradual. A sweeter darker rich sauce is due to the heavier use of spices and chillies. A jam like thickness and blood orange colour was visually vibrant and bursting with taste.


No Joke Pepper Sauce is an authentic, tropical, spicy, rich and zesty batch of sauces. The chilli heat is heartwarming and a taste of the Caribbean in a jar, with a sweetness of the fruits and natural sugars balancing against the aromatic spices and rooty chillies and ginger is sublime. A little goes a long way, so no need to pile into your plate. Smeared over a sandwich of cold meats or dabbed over chicken on a BBQ, No Joke is versatile and no ordinary hot sauce. A must try!.