Review of One New Change food market, London

This weekend saw the launch of One New Change Food Market, a weekly Saturday food market in London.


The eclectic One New Change Saturday Market, which will serve delicious fresh produce from across the globe but mainly featuring London and UK artisans, bakers, condiment makers and much more.

Situated opposite St Paul’s Cathedral in the heart of the City, it’s location has a rich history of food markets dating back 800 years. Evidence can still be found in many of the City’s street names – particularly at Eastcheap and Cheapside (cheap deriving from an Old English word meaning market). Cheapside was the foremost of the two markets and the names of the streets that lead off it reflect the trades that flourished there – Wood Street, Milk Street, Bread Street, Honey Lane, Poultry Street and Friday Street (for fish).

First stop was Cutter and Squidge; A fresh, unique handmade creation of biscuit/cookie/cake layered with a special light buttercream and handmade jams or caramels. Their unique fusion of flavours really impressed me; Raspberry Kiss w/ Raspberry, lychee and rose and also Passionate Vanilla w/ spiced vanilla and passionfruit – such creative, exotic blends. Packed full of flavour using the finest all natural ingredients and contain no artificial colourings or flavourings.


Their Triple C Biskie was EPIC! Milk chocolate, chocolate and salted caramel. Moist, squidgy, gooey chocolately heaven! a cross between a whoopie pie and cookie. Only been open for 3 months… this girl has talent!!.

IMG_4500 IMG_4501 IMG_4502


Gringa Dairy produces authentic Mexican cheese straight out of Peckham, South London. Using organic milk from Kent and churned into cheese daily, their Queso Fresco cheese which soft fresh cheese, hard like paneer but melts like mozzarella. Fresh, creamy and naturally sourced.




Maida Vale based chocolatiers Chocololo had an array of handmade fine chocolates inspired by the flavours of Provence. Candied fruits peels imported from France and Lemon thyme, olive noir and basil chocolates are some of the infused blends. This British and French married duo have a lot to offer.


IMG_4505 IMG_4506

Eddie’s Chilli Jam founded by Mo Ellis used inspiration from her West Indian parents to create a condiment blending English jams with hot scotch bonnett chillies, sundried tomatoes and sweet chilli. Sweet, spicy, tangy, coarse chutney / jam a versatile condiment for any occasion.


IMG_4512 IMG_4513 IMG_4514 IMG_4515 IMG_4516

Cakehole displayed a selection of doughnut delights including custard, chocolate, lemon curd and strawberry – too many to choose from!. Started by Lara with the idea that we all deserve better cake, all handmade treats are baked to order in the heart of sunny Vauxhall in small batches using local, organic and fairtrade ingredients. These are real cakes, tender and moist, full of flavour, with that great homemade just-out-of-the-oven scent.






Just Crackers are the latest snack makers on the block. Their crispy, healthy wholegrain crackers comes in 3 different flavours; original, salt and pepper, Onion and poppy seed. Light, nutritious and in re-sealable bags (nice touch) are a great mid morning or afternoon pick me up snack.

IMG_4529 IMG_4530  IMG_4532

Can cake made without butter taste good?! YES IT CAN!! Arapina have created a butter free moist dark rich chocolate cake. Astonishingly good! Made with olive oil and baked over night makes this an indulgent and luxurious cake. Hands down better than a devils food cake!. Also on offer was a milky pastry with a custard filling. delicious!

IMG_4533 IMG_4534 IMG_4535 IMG_4536

The Global Fusion Vegan Creole bakery showed off their delicious moist light cakes; banana, mango, chocolate and mud pie. Superb! The eggs and butter were not missed.


IMG_4538 IMG_4539 IMG_4540 IMG_4541 IMG_4542 IMG_4543 IMG_4544 IMG_4545

Sal’s food debuted their green tomato pickle. Sour, crunchy, fresh, fruity and tangy condiment -. Never had a green tomato pickle before, a great alternative to piccalilli or sandwich pickle.



Best salesman of the day award goes to Curtis the honeyman, selling his local raw natural honey from his beehive in Hackney, South London.


The bees are fed on rapeseed flowers to create this honey. It had a waxy quality, smooth and sugary sweet. A lovely thick consistency to smear over toast.
The lucerne was a coarser texture but remained a rich and sticky sweet flavour.

IMG_4552 IMG_4553

Galeta dubbed “cookie heaven” can be found in Harvey Nicholas and Selfridges, piles of chewy centre and crispy outer cookies lined their table. Flavours including never seen before red velvet, hazelnut, toffee and pecan are top sellers as well as their chocolate and orange Maderia cake and Portuguese custards filled with blueberries.


IMG_4560 IMG_4564 IMG_4563

A chipper Irish stall holder lifted the stand which already oozed beautiful, American style cookies and treats. Best bit was the gigantic size of the cookies – they were talking my language.


The award for the most prettiest and well presented stand went to Secret Garden Confectionary. Barnet based chocolate maker Belinda creates homemade truffles, chocolate bars,  and her very own honeycomb and toffee.


Combining fair trade chocolate with quality ingredients, SGC chocolates are silky, creamy luxurious treats placed into small batches perfect for gifts. Belinda’s passion for ethical and flavoursome chocolate is evident not in the fabulous tasting chocolate but adorable, chic and beautiful packaging.

IMG_4567 IMG_4568 IMG_4569


The One New Change food market is a fantastic place to meet local, London artisans, foodies, bakers, cooks and chocolatiers. I was extremely impressed at the high quality produce on offer and the passion that each stall holder had for what they were selling. Centrally based and free to attend its ideal for families or tourists heading into London.  One small criticism was that it wasn’t publicized enough, a higher Twitter/ social media presence is needed.

The One New Change food markets will take place every Saturday, from 11am-3pm.