Review of TOAST Festival


TOAST was a weekend-long celebration of food and ideas to exhibit London’s thriving foodie culture.

Held at the Red Gallery in Shoreditch large panel discussions, workshops, tastings and book signings bought together chefs, restauranteurs, food writers, and industry food idols under one small roof.


 A very intimate, relaxed and friendly atmosphere, like a summer garden party for foodies, artisans and artists, there was a real sense of buzz excitement in the air.


A popup book stall by Daunt Books had an array of kitch and best selling international cookbooks on offer.


Coffee consultants and top tash talent Dunnefrankowski provided the coffee for the day – strong hot cup of joe with latte art thrown into the mix. Impressive!



Shiniest coffee making this side of the East.


Gail’s Bakery aptly made cheese toasties for the event.




Street food veterans Street Kitchen who cooked up gourmet food for in their steel kitchen van.




Slowed cooked shoulder of lamb with caramelised onion puree on a bed of crushed potatoes was sensational! The lamb fell apart at the slightest touch, moist and tender. Thick brown puree acted as a 5 star gravy, with the sweet tangy sundried cherry tomatoes contrasting against the rich sauce. Magnificent!


TOAST Festival was a hub for all London foodies, a no snobbery allowed event where everyone from Hoxton hipsters to simple food bloggers like me could come along an have snoop around. An eclectic mix of education, art and culture with food being the heart and soul of it all. Would love to see a TOAST part 2 soon with more street foodies and lectures taking place, this could be an exciting new food education revolution!.

TOAST has been founded by journalist Miranda York and fundraiser Sarah Chamberlain.

TOAST is a fundraiser for international humanitarian aid organisation Action Against Hunger, aimed to raise over £3,000 towards their life-saving work around the world through donations on ticket sales. Visit:,

* 100% of revenue from ticket sales will be donated to Action Against Hunger up to a fundraising total of £3,000. 50% of revenue from ticket sales will be donated thereafter.

Visit:, @Toast_Festival and