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 11th June will see the summer launch of Yo! Sushi’s new limited addition Yo! Burgers. #YOburger. £8 for the full bento tray, which includes all the sides but you can’t order the burger on its own.

Executive chef Mike Lewis took inspiration from his travels to Japan and across Asia to create a range low calorie, healthy, nutritious, tasty, fast food without the guilt.

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Each YO! burger is served with 3 healthy Asian inspired sides – not a side of fries in sight! Daikon – zesty pickled veg, a Korean take on coleslaw Large flower like Nori (seaweed) crackers and a Misochup as a dipping sauce – a tangy dark red alternative to sugary ketchup.


Forgot the heavy carbarama burger bun, All the YO! burgers are enclosed a toasted sushi rice and sesame seed cake – think rice cake but not crispy, a softer sticky rice texture and consistency.

Salmon YO! burger
Pan fried fillet of blush pink salmon, topped with kimchi (Korean pickle w/ cabbage, radish & shallots) and sweet crunchy seasonal vegetables and shredded nori. The salmon was cooked to perfection remaining moist and flakey. The sharpness of the pickled kimchi was a fantastic contrast against the sweet fresh vegetables. The misochup was sticky, tangy, sweet salsa which bought the burger together.


Prawn YO! Burger
My favourite out the 5 YO! Burgers.
A prawn cutlet served on white raw cabbage, a lightly spiced curry mayo, spring onions and diced beni shoga (thin stripped red dyed pickled ginger). Being a seafood fanatic the prawn burger was excellent, a thick portion of prawn cutlet had a chunky meaty texture and not minced too a paste. The mayo didn’t overpower the seafood taste of the prawn but acted as an extra moistener and a great alternative to the usual white mayo. The crunch, slight heat and rootiness of the beni shoga added another dimension of Asian authenticity to the burger.

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Tofu YO! Burger
A katsu tofu slice on a bed of lettuce and coriander pesto topped with fresh creamy avocado and purple cress. The peppery cress was a genius way of added vibrancy and subtle heat to the tofu which remained a squidgy and soft within the crust crisp katsu casing. Tofu can often be bland but the coriander pesto added a herby freshness with citrus tones.

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Chicken YO! Burger
Juicy chicken thigh meat smothered in a teriyaki sauce, topped with diced pineapple and white sesame seeds. The salty sweet sauce zings up the chicken, smokey tones against the sweetness of pineapple creates a BBQ element to the burger.

Tilapia YO! Burger
Two pieces of firm white fish fillets in a katsu coating, with american cheese melting on top of a wakame tartar sauce. Sharp salty tartar sauce against the flakey sweet fish was like eating the most epic fillet of fish burger ever.


A new dessert has been added to the Yo! Menu; Strawberry Cheesecake Mochi; soft Japanese rice cake ball filled with fruity strawberry flavoured cream cheese and coasted in a biscuit crumb. Creamy, moreish and mouthwateringly delicious.


Mochi – A squidgy rice balls with a red been paste filling.


Dorayaki – A sweet sponge Japanese pancake with custard filling with a raspberry sauce.


Chocolate Mochi – Dark chocolate ganache incased in a rice ball.

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The YO! Sushi conveyor belt was in abundance of sushi/ maki/ and Sashimi



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Japanese pop culture & trends was the theme of the night. Quirky Japarazzi dressed like over the top Manga characters entertained the guests with their outlandish costumes and campness.


A Photo booth was on site to capture the night of fun.


YO! Burgers were a great change from the usual meaty, greasy and often over hyped hamburgers out there. Smaller in size but larger in flavour, texture, creativity and lower in calories, YO! Burgers should be a permanent feature on the Yo Sushi menu.