Galeto review, Soho, London

Galeto, a new Brazilian street food cafe has just opened in the heart of London’s Soho.


Galeto or ‘little chicken’ was bought over from the Portuguese immigrants to Rio.

Brazilian graffiti artist Milo Tchais tagged the walls with colourful neon kites, butterflies and shapes.







The furnishings were nothing elaborate but modest tables and chairs to create an almost alfresco dining feel but inside.

Samba dancing and live music was the entertainment.


South American authentic street food such as marinated meats, BBQ chargrilled chicken and cocktails fill the menu.


Brazil’s signature cocktail Caipirinha free flowed throughout the night, made with cachaça (sugar cane hard liquor), sugar and lime. Sour, summery and refreshing!



Bolinhos de bacalihau
Soft intensely Salted flakey cod incased in a light crispy batter coating. The fishcake was packed full of fish, seasoned well with no greasy after taste. My favourite starter.


Coxinhas de frango

Soft potato balls (popular in South America and Caribbean) with shredded free range chicken. The mashed creamy potato with moist and tender chicken – moreish!


Coracao (heart)
Small bites of marinated chicken hearts farofa (flour mix) and vinaigrette. Not a huge fan of liver and hearts however it was great to try something new. Marinated meat was tender, dark and intense, presented like a shish kebab on skewers.


A menu special; seasoned picanha (shredded beef) croquettes. Think meatballs but drier, dusted with fresh parsley and packed with herbs and seasonings.


Palm hearts, rocket and sun blushed tomatoes. A fresh, summer salad tossed with green leaves is refreshing and a palette cleanser.


Cassava wedges
Crispy fried wedges with a fluffy white inside was a great alternative to potato.


Galeto’s chicken is marinated in house for 24 hrs then grilled to perfection served with your choice of dip; Molhos. There are 3 types of Molhos; tropical fruit BBQ, hot and spicy coriander and garlic cream.

Tropical fruit BBQ; Sweet, fruity pineapple & papaya created sticky thickened sauce. A touch of exotic and smokiness from the charring was a perfect combo of flavours.


The zesty, herby and perfumed chicken, a fusion two of my loves; coriander and smokey BBQ. Drizzled lightly with the green fresh coloured sauce the chicken was moist and succulent with it’s fresh meaty taste intact. The sauce acted as another level of flavour and freshness.


I’m not a fan of cream in savoury dishes however the light sauce and balance of garlic was subtle and did not overpower the chicken.


We made way for dessert a light creamy passionfruit mousse. Smooth, rich and a taste of paradise, the distinctive passionfruit flavour was intense and delicious.



Galeto served up authentic, fun comfort food. Staff were extremely polite, well presented and well informed about the dishes on offer. This small vibrant establishment is a refreshing change to the snooty surroundings of Dean Street. Not overpriced and a definite must try! Sexy has arrived in Soho!.

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