Review of Molecule Gastronomy Banquet by Gastronomy Guys

Gastronomy Guys sold out their first popup at Kitchen Party in Clerkenwell and I was lucky enough to attend their 7 course molecule banquet. Willy Wonka food fun with Weird Science experimental dishes, this was certainly going to be a dining experience to remember.



Up first were ice cold oysters with a cucumber froth. Chilled fresh oysters with a lemon and cucumber freshness left a zesty tingle on your tongue.



Pressed watermelon, oyster leaf with salmon roe and silver leaf. Quite fishy for my taste but the watermelon acted as a great palette cleanser. The contrasting red ruby melon and grass green leaf was stunning to the eye.



Next came cucumber balls, tomato jelly and torn mozzarella w/ cucumber flower broth. A Mediterranean inspired salad with a gazpachoΒ twist. A fruity, refreshing, sharp yet juicy jelly fruit and veg with a smooth chilled pea green cucumber broth poured delicately around the tomatoes and mozzarella.



The best bread I’ve ever tasted! warm, dinner rolls with a shiny brioche crust with a soft delicate sweetness was incredible. The smooth light and almost whipped scoop garlic butter was airy but remained rich in flavour. The dark brown burnt butter was not bitter as I expected, a depth almost spice like sprinkle.


Never seen before squid ink crisps, a thin flat texture with a curled ends and a dark mushroom colour. An innovative take on the humble crisp.


Rich and buttery Foie gras with a duck and pork rillettes was quite an intense flavour. The pate was thicker than a mousse texture but packed with the a full bodied strong taste. The pear glumps with a slight apple essence cut through the richness of the foie gras.


Here came the nitrogen.. a bowl of cucumber froth bubbled and smoked over the table. The aroma of the sea engulfed the air, the salty fresh air of beach holidays came flooded back.





This got us in the seafood frame of mind as we tucked into the creamy skinless dover sole, brown butter and lobster bisque. Cooked to perfection the flakey fillets were firm but delicate and flavourful with a meaty texture. The bisque was a creamy thinned gravy infused with a subtle lobster flavour.


Up next was the cauliflower, orange, truffle and smoke dish. I am not the biggest cauliflower fan so this dish was my least favourite and seemed to divide the room. The orange was an odd element and quite bitter and the cauliflower was indulgently rich and creamy yoghurt and didn’t blend well against the orange oil.


Time for a palette cleanser a watermelon sorbet frozen using liquid nitrogen and flavoured with juice and syrup. A soft crunchy texture and beautifully redΒ sorbet was packed with watermelon flavour and not watery. Topped with a watermelon tuile was fruity and remained crisp against the sorbet.


The star of the banquet was the wagyu beef with roasted vegetables. Perfectly pink and cut through like butter the dish was tremendous. The beef fillet sat on top of creamed mash and accompanied with a selection of seasonal roasted British vegetables. A triumph of a dish.


When the menu just said bacon I didn’t know was coming; smoky pancetta wrapped tightly and dipped in maple syrup = bacon lollipops! Genius!. Salty against the sweet maple was divine.


I managed to fit in dessert ; Chocolate ganache squares with yoghurt ice-cream and wild strawberries. Picturesque plate with vivid colours looked like masterpiece. Dense and luxurious chocolate was devilishly rich, the slight sour yoghurt cut through the sweetness with the added strawberry puree for that extra zing.


A fantasy, ambitious, innovative and perfectly executed menu by Gastronomy Guys. Every dish was different in taste, sight and excitement due to Chef Sujan’s creative mind set and concept on making food fun and delicious. Genius.

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