Review of Joe’s Southern Kitchen

Joe’s Southern Kitchen launched in London’s  Covent Garden earlier this month.  Serving up good ol soul Southern food including their famous beer can chicken and soft shell crab.


With an American diner vibe with a casual dining atmosphere its Americana theme is subtle yet apparent. 1950’s honky tonk music sets the mood, cold steel tables and booths line the walls.



The fully stocked long bar serving up creative cocktails for coqs and coquettes conjured up by top mixologist Marco Piroli.




Son of a peach cocktail: a mixture of vodka, peach liquor, blood orange syrup, lemon and apple juice topped with crushed ice. Fruity sweet with a tang.



  Easy cheesy cocktail; Santa Teresa rum, coconut cream and milk. A taste of the tropics, sweet creamy and rich.


Joe’s homemade BBQ sauce was intensely dark brown,tangy with a smoky flavour. Pretty sure I detected hints of spices and dried herbs – phenomenal!. Their vibrant blood orange hot sauce  was packed with Caribbean heat; scotch bonnet chillies/ habeneros sweetness of sugar and sharpness from the vinegar created an excellent pepper sauce. Being West Indian that’s a massive achievement and compliment.


menu joes

On to starters; Popcorn shrimp with a chilli lime dip. Well seasoned herby light batter coated the meaty mini morsels. The chilli lime dip was sour sharp and tangy, and packed with heat. An incredible salsa!


For mains; Large portions of marinated charred BBQ chicken served in an iron pan. Crunchy crispy skin, succulent on the bone chicken kept in the flavour. Finger lickin good!!


Two sides accompany the chicken; Creamy buttery smooth mash was airy and fluffy due to the vigorous whipping of the potatoes. A ladle of chicken gravy swims at the bottom of the container as the whipped potatoes floats on top.


Small diced southern fried potatoes w/ a crispy spiced outer shell and white fluffy inside – think tater tots. Sprinkled with fried spring onions.


Joe’s Southern Kitchen is a modern twist on the typical American style diner, in keeping with the other London diners they have opted to tone down the cheesy American cliches to create a trendy family friendly restaurant. Don’t let that put you off! the main clientele that evening were young professionals, a few tourists stumbled in for some home from home cooking.

Our waitress Monica was informative, well presented and attentive – good ol American customer service at it’s best.

The menu was varied and reasonably priced for central London. Killer strong cocktails and hearty Southern food , Joe’s Kitchen is sure to be a successful.

Good Luck to Jim and the team for a superb summer of fried chicken!.