Review of Bush Hall Dining Rooms

Bush Hall Dining Rooms just opened in the heart of Uxbridge Road, Shepherds Bush. Presenting British menus with an array of traditional classic dishes with a contemporary edge.


Bought over from my neighbours two doors down from me, the new owners have transformed this once greasy spoon to a rustic style bistro. In keeping with the Edwardian architecture of adjoining Bush Hall,  original wood work, peeled paint and the Dining Rooms sign were kept to show off the bones and roots of the restaurant.



The dining rooms is small but not cramped, a very Parisian café atmosphere, a casual dining experience where guests engrossed in conversation over a glass of Rioja.  The English middle class showed up in their droves, quite a change for the area where everyone is from a different background and culture.


Chocolate wooden bar and comfy mustard seating along the wall is simplistic yet stylish décor, an almost retro diner interior.


There are several menus to choose from depending on what time of day you dine, there is pre gig menu on offer but we opted for the dinner menu.


Up first was the main of Pork 3 ways, served on a mental skewer, topped with a rasher of crackling and accompanied by homemade apple sauce served on a wooden board.



Pork Belly – a thick square piece of slow roasted pork, the meat was juicy and fleshy perfectly cooked to remain succulent. The wedge of fat layer kept the pork tender and sweet. The apple sauce was a sweet and tangy a superb addition to the dish. The crackling was super hard! I couldn’t actually try it without breaking a tooth.


Pork wrapped in bacon – a sage infused into the meat of the pork, the tenderloin was thick, moist cut with salty tones from the crispy bacon.

Meat ball  – a herby and spiced with cumin and coriander, this Middle Eastern inspired meat ball was a delight. Really flavoursome and tasty.

On to desserts, I tried the malted chocolate tart with pistachio sprinkles and homemade honeycomb ice-cream. Magnificent! Dark, rich, thick indulgent chocolate was sinfully tasty. The sweetened pastry  was buttery and crisp – no soggy bottom 🙂 The perfumed pistachios were fresh and a vibrant green, their saltiness cutting through the creamy sweet ice-cream.



My blogging contributor tucked into 3 chocolate doughnuts with a rum custard on the side.  Delicately subtly sweet cocoa doughnuts rolled in sugar, the dough was spongey and light. The clever rum dipping  custard was thinner than the usual Ambrosia sort but the  oaky and spiced flavour of rum was brilliant.


Bush Hall Dining Rooms is a diamond in the rough, I like my fried chicken shops as much as the next but there a complete lack of sophisticated establishments in Shepherds Bush. Staff were busy but well spoken and very helpful when it came to menu choices.  I loved the relaxed charming ambiance against the rural interior, a fantastic blend of classiness with a welcoming feel.

The food was spectacular, hearty large portions is always a massive tick in my book. Fresh ingredients and well executed dishes, you could see the passion and love that went into creating each meal. Not sure where the food is sourced from but being surrounded by Indian/Pakistani/Middle Eastern groceries and Shepherds Bush Market this an opportunity to support local businesses and use local produce.

Bush Hall Dining Rooms is an exciting addition to the neighbourhood, a must if in the area.

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