Review of House of Peroni

The House of Peroni ; A collaboration between advertising and PR giants M&C & Saatchi and Italian brewers Peroni have taken residency in a townhouse in central London. Oozing with glamour, grandeur, sex appeal and style, this chic and luxurious venue hosts a month of contemporary Italian culture including art, design, food and drink.


Two rooms are dedicated to art alone, as you enter the house built in flat screen line the walls each playing different film art.


The Bernardini Infinity Room hosts two installations ; the Ludovica Gioscia art called Liquid Sky Fits Heaven. Psychedelic peeled and torn neon fabric, wallpaper and textiles ripple and hang off the walls like growing fungi.



Referred to as the “giant decollage” Gioscia motifs and prints of social media, hieroglyphics and faces are “an alternative history of consumption in Italian culture”.



Carlo Bernardini’s light installation is in a room designed without corners featuring glowing blue strobes made from fibre optic material. The artwork creates the optical illusion of mimic symmetry hanging in an infinite space. His collection continues up the spiral staircase.




Giacomo Lion takes inspiration from Italy’s city streets, poetry, agriculture and people.


Encounters and connection they make with each other creates threads to form / structure/ shape. His erratic sketches are the base of his “des-art” pieces of art, starting off as design or model pieces and growing into a larger scale work of art.



Formafantasma – The Italian duo morphs unusual and experimental materials to create their collections. From plastics to hardened animal bladders, their design pieces are often exotic and extravagant.


The display of vessels are made from a selection of plastics, resin from both animals and trees. A blast of high pressure and the raw material becomes a strong material . From distance look more like leather than clay. Its meant to look contemporary with references to the past, a sense of wonder.



Andrea Morgante, an Italian architect based in London creates unique architecture and sculpture. His love of a soft and meaningful approach to art is shown in his “zen-like” repetition.


The Shiro (white) objects are  dissected architecture  “through the medium of three architectural models, the relationship between solid and void in architecture”.




 The 3 solid perspective lightweight sculptures are a homage to Roman architecture, with the hollow inhabitable mass and volumes to act as a sense of scale and elegance.


The creative project
A collection of artist interpretations and freshly designed Peroni bottles each made from different materials inc glass and makeup. Each artist used varied inspiration for their piece from family, to sharing, attitude, daily life and the magic of science.


At the top of the house is a beautiful rooftop terrace, faux grass, white picnic tables and loungers cluster around the  Gerry Calabrese’s bar.



The menu draws on traditional elements from  Michelin starred chefs  The Costardi Brothers. Carefully blending their Italian heritage with more modern dishes but always with a twist. They have cleverly incorporated Peroni into each dish, reduced down to a treacle like  gravy.


Deconstructed Aubergine Parmigiana – a thick cut chuck of roasted aubergine sit on a red puddle of tomato sauce, topped with fresh mozzarella and a dash of green pesto. A killer starter!


Tricolore arancino – Red rice, white mozzarella and green pesto. The rice balls are crisp heavily packed with coarse rice infused with salty mature cheese and the herby pesto, mouthfuls of homemade comfort.



Italian American – Beef marinated in Peroni, a ciabatta roll, pickled red cabbage and tomato relish. The juicy thin meat patty was a well crafted and a refined take on the humble burger. The tangy pickled cabbage and thin smear of tomato relish adds zing and crunch.


The Signature Risotto – Costardi’s own carnaroli rice from the region they are from, coffee powder, Grana Padano cheese and  a Peroni reduction. The rice was aldente, a creamy consistency with a good helping of black pepper. The tin container was a certainly a modern take on presenting food, fun and enjoyable way of eating!.




Pannacota was rich and milky but luxuriously silky thick and smooth cream texture.  The Peroni sugary topping against the intense vanilla is sublime.


A chocolate brownie topped with banana coconut ice-cream and a chocolate disc.  The brownie was more like a cake and quite dry but well risen. However the ice-cream was incredible, flakes of coconut blended with the soft sweet banana decadent ice-cream was marvelous.


 House of Peroni has certainly portrayed Italian’s passion for culture, presenting the top and leading contemporary artists in their field to London.   Elegant and exquisite plates of food, stimulating to the eye and innovative in flavour. A popup and art exhibition with a difference you might say, very futuristic, trendy yet elite. House of Peroni is in Portland Place the end of July.