Review of Charlotte’s Bistro new bar menu

Chiswick’s finest neighbourhood restaurant Charlotte’s Bistro have launched their new bar menu.


Featuring British cheeses, oysters, charcuterie and salads the varied dishes are all from fresh, high quality ingredients from local producers.


Before we got onto the starters we wet our appetite with a Charlotte’s summer cup – think Pimms but natural all fruits, sugars and spices and a blueberry Bellini.


From their deli in Brixton, artisans Cannon and Cannon cure British meats the continental way.

The meats are smoked, salted and cured on home turf, producing finest freshest meats without the air miles.

On offer:

Air dried beef
Smoked mutton
Cured pork collar
Hot smoked Monmouthshire pig cheek

Slithers of traditional salty, meaty antipasti were almost nutty in taste, oaky/ smokey flavours coming through the meats. This added a fantastic authenticity a great change to the usual the platter style meats served in gastro pubs.

Just by the vibrant shades of pink and good fat content its visible that the  pork was free range, fed well and healthy to produce high quality flavoursome cold cuts.


I love a good cheese board and sweet chutney to match and it doesn’t get any better from Hamish Johnston Fine Cheeses. Hailing from their humble shop in Battersea stocking a wide selection if cheese, charcuterie and condiments.


Tunworth – a soft slightly sweet creamy texture with a thin wrinkled rind. Made with whole milk the cheese are dry salted overnight for an extra rich buttery taste. A brie like cheese gorgeous to smear on freshly baked bread, my favourite on the board.

Innes Ash Log – The black and white rind comes from the sprinkled french salt ash. The crumbly  goats cheese, semi soft, milky and salty with a mature flavour.

Keen’s farm cheddar is produced in somerset a nutty, hard, unpasteurised cheese ripened for at least 12 months to heighten its sweetness. No visible rind the yellow cheddar is perfect for a ploughmans lunch.

Cashel blue –  A mild white soft center with blue grey mould spread throughout and turning buttery yellow as it matures. A hard edible rind adds texture to the cheese.

Time for a palette cleanser an English heritage tomato salad; A variety of tomatoes all different in colour, rustically chopped and served with sprigs of watercress and rings of fennel.

Tangy, fruity and a touch Mediterranean made this dish a simple yet sublime side dish.



My visits to Charlotte’s Bistro get better each time, friendly know your name staff, relaxed suave atmosphere and a restaurant that serves top class British dishes with a European finish is just fantastically refreshing.

It’s not trying to be pretentious or a snobby French bistro like their neighbours just a local come and dine with us eatery.

The menu is reasonable in comparison to other gastros and restaurants in the area especially as the portions are a good size and most importantly finest fresh produce this side of town. Need to book your flight to the continent when you have all this on offer on your doorstep.



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