NEW Wahaca in One New Change London

Wahaca has opened it’s latest doors in swanky One New Change just by St Paul’s Cathedral.

The 130 cover restaurant is the first Wahaca site to take reservations, catering for the time-stretched local business market.


Set to be the most sustainable restaurant to date 100% of construction waste produced has been diverted from landfill, and the site employs numerous energy management techniques, such as waste heat from freezers being used to heat all of the restaurant’s hot water, so no boiler is required.

I was lucky to attend a special press night and sample Wahaca’s delectable dishes.


Tostadas – Two crisp tortillas, piled high with ceviche shrimp and scallops tossed with a refreshing mix of hot habanero chilli, lime, cucumber and mint.


The star of the menu for me; juicy, white flesh meaty sweet scallops  freshly spritzed with the lime and flecks of chilli for a heat kick and spring mint was simply sensational.

Each ingredient was a delicate subtle  touches to the dish, none over powering one another.


Pork Pibil Taco – Slow cooked in our special Yucatecan marinade with fiery pickled onions. Influences of Mexican and European flavours  ooze through slow cooked  succulent pulled pork.

Traditionally seeped in orange juice and spices of cumin, garlic and peppercorns,  wrapped and baked in banana leaf.

Sweet from the marinade and slightly spiced but not chilli infused. The pickles added a sweet and sour element cutting through the meat with a peppery tang.


Quesadillas – Large toasted tortilla oozing with melted cheese with Chipotle Chicken cooked in a spicy tomato marinade. A popular street food snack but for me the weakest out the dishes.


Slightly bland for my taste as I wanted a chilli punch from the tomatoes and chipotle to be intense. Not much meat inside the large tortilla which was dry and chewy.

The crispy fried chunks of sweet potato, dressed with smoky caramelised mojo de ajo made with chipotle peppers, olive oil, lime juice, and, of course, plenty of garlic!.  An incredible side dish for sharing,  fried to heighten the sweetness of the potatoes it added a crispy skin and melt in your mouth orange flesh.


Chorizo torta – Ciabatta bread, caramelised red onions, guacamole, and spiced chorizo sausage.


The lightly toasted crusty bread smeared with fresh zesty guacamole and sticky sweet caramelised red onions for crunch against the spicy juicy chargrilled chorizo was sarnie seduction.


Refreshing late summer salad is what I needed after all those carbs.  Fruity sweet red and yellow cherry  tomatoes topped with salty creamy feta, seeds for a crunch and texture with  British spelt for freshness.


 A feast for the eyes, vibrancy from the ripe juicy tomatoes against emerald green herbs and lettuce was beautiful.  Lightly tossed in a olive oil based dressing a fresh, clean and cleansing side to the meal.


A traditional Spanish and Mexican sweet treat churros was suprisingly a little disappointing.  The coiled doughnut smelt of old oil and weren’t as fluffy and warming as I have previously had. Possibly a bit rushed but I would certainly go back for another batch.


Blondie caramel tart can be summed up in one word HEAVEN.  A thick milky creamy custard with a layer of gooey caramel dulce de leche on a sweet crust was divine.  A class act dessert, flawless.


Chocolate tres leches cake meaning cake soaked in a mixture of three milks. A dense chocolate cake was served warm topped with a  scoop of melted peanut butter ice-cream.

At first glance it look’s a bit of a mess, soggy and falling apart but looks can be deceiving! the cake was a rich pudding like consistency.  Think sticky toffee pudding but with a chocolate overload and saltiness from the ice-cream to cut the sweetness.


Wahaca’s new site at One New Change is a totally different vibe and layout compared to their other branches. There is a fun, vibrant and playful aspect to this branch, from the large street art murals, table football game in the corner and abicus panel walls on the balcony all added to the unique selling point of this restaurant.



Wahaca has transformed the Mexican food scene in London, people can be so snobby when it comes to chain restaurants however the reason why people keep coming back is the fantastic food that is being served.

Gone are the days of Taco Bellisque  fast food but modern twists on traditional Mexican dishes. Bring on my next visit!.

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