Goanut – First savoury cronut, Tower Hill Hotel

Taking  on the New York food craze of Cronuts with a unique twist are the Brasserie restaurant at The Tower Hill Hotel.

Created by chefs Patrick Graf and Christian Rozsenich the world’s first savoury doughnut, the Goanut started off as a joke but has now reached high praise for its juxtaposition between sweet and salty.


The Goanut itself is a unsweetened doughnut /dough ball stuffed with salty creamed goats cheese.

Having the two differently presented goats cheese balls (one breaded and another smooth) added texture and contrast on the plate.


I was taken back at the size of Goanut having imagined it to be the size of my hand or a supermarket GM bagel was pleasantly surprised at the miniature dough balls.

Dotted around the Goanuts were fluffy clouds of  salted caramel mousse, smoothly whipped air of richness  which stopped the goats cheese from being too savoury and acted as a sweet condiment (like a chutney) to the Goanut.

The mousse was topped with a maple glazed pecan adding crunch to mixed bags of flavours.


The tang from the marinated beetroot and drizzled balsamic vinegar gave the dish zing and sourness cutting through the sweetness of the mousse.



Presented with finesse, imagination and beauty the Goanut morsels were perfectly complimented by each element of the dish, creating a sensation of flavours and tastes for the palette. The saltiness from the cheese prevented the dish from being too sweet and overpowering. However the salted caramel and  fruity beetroot compote were fantastically complimentary to the Goanuts, the combination of salty vs sweet is always  a winner in my book.

Overall the Goanut is a exceptionally creative take on the humble cronut the fad might be fading but the crave for contemporary desserts and treats will always be around. I will be honest the name Goanut itself is slightly uninspiring,  we kept referring to the dish as gonad/ gronut you see where I am going with this…..

Take a wonder down to Tower Hill Hotel, you will be impressed at their modern European menu including their lobster ravoli made with squid ink pasta and fresh lobster within a seafood cream broth.