Harrods Christmas Hamper – The Sloane

Nothing says Merry Christmas more than a Harrods hamper, this elegant and generous gift oozes luxury, extravagance, quality British produce at its greatest. The Sloane Hamper (priced at £200) is a foodie’s heaven filled to the brim of edible artisan delights and bottles of bubbly, perfect for an unforgettable Christmas.


This hamper is characterised by delicacies with a twist, such as Wiltshire ale mustard, charcoal, rye and celery seed crackers, raspberry and cassis jam, and plum chutney with port. A bottle each of Côtes du Rhône and Grande Réserve Champagne are the ideal accompaniment.


First off the hamper is ENORMOUS! The wicker basket alone is magnificently crafted with a chocolate leather lid embellished in the Harrod’s stamp.. you know that you have been put on the nice list this year!. Carefully tucked inside are golden tins and teal boxes of feast of goodies including:


Apple & Honey Fruit Cake – Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a traditional fruit cake, however unlike the usual dark dense sponge covered in icing this apple and honey cake is sticky, lighter, fruity, think summer fair cake that your gran would bake.


Apple & Damson Jelly – Using the finest Kentish apples and damsons to create a class conserve. Rich  amethyst colour, tangy yet fruity, a perfect condiment on a scone or fruity chutney with a mature cheddar. 


Charcoal, Rye and Celery Seed Biscuits – The slate ash coloured squared crackers, thinly baked for the perfect crunch and crumble. Flecks of celery spiced seeds and earthy rye for texture and flavour.

Raspberry & Cassis Jam – A delicious deep ruby red jam bursting with fruitiness, memories of British summer comes flooding back. Pass the crusty bread!.

Oat Crunch Crackers – Wafter thin with a rough yet crumbly texture these crackers are healthy and nutritious, light and savoury. All you need slice of cheese and you are good to go.

Stanley Plum And Port Chutney –  Deep violet in colour, sweet yet tangy is a chutney with a kick of Christmas.

Rosemary & Spelt Biscuits – Perfumed with herby rosemary with an  organic finish, a crispy flavoursome cracker.

Wiltshire Ale Mustard – A coarse textured mustard with yellow and brown wholegrain mustard seeds, sweetened with honey with a yeasty finish from brewed Wiltshire ale


Orange & Tangerine Marmalade-  Sunset orange preserve, fruity with a zesty citrus tang the ideal spread on hot butter toasted.

Dark Chocolate Ginger Biscuits – These crunchy spiced ginger biscuits with a decedent chocolate covering are dying to be dunked in your brew. 

English Butterscotch Biscuits – All butter? now you are talking my language! sinfully  moriesh with caramel creamy butterscotch to top off these already incredible biscuit.

Milk Chocolate Bar With Fudge Pieces /Plain Chocolate Bar With Biscuit Pieces – Both bars are velvety smooth rich chocolates with fudge and biscuit bits adding extra indulgence to the bar.


Harrods Côtes du Rhône – A typically fruity wine with notes of red cherry, cassis and a hint of black pepper.

Harrods Grand Reserve Champagne – These fine bubbles are complemented by aromas of citrus fruits and hazelnuts.


The Sloane is a divine, lavish,  gluttonous selection of goodies the perfect Christmas hamper for foodies and alike. The temptation of opening all jars, boxes and tins is too much but who cares it’s Christmas!

The presentation is stunning with all products neatly nestled between golden straw and enclosed within the gorgeous wicker hamper.  An exceptionally beautiful gift for Christmas.