Kensington Place Launch New PopUp Restaurant #FISHBone

Kensington Place Launch New PopUp Restaurant #FISHBone


From 1st February – 29th March 2014 , vibrant neighbourhood fish brasserie, Kensington Place,will transform its private dining room into a popup restaurant: FISHBone.

A stone’s throw from Notting Hill station, FISHBone will be a unique fish and seafood spin on the ‘gourmet fastfood’ trend. Seating only 36 diners, this small and intimate space will combine English eccentricity and a retro diner feel. The interior will bestripped back and informal with a large communal wooden table running through the centre of the room and decorated throughout with vintage paraphernalia.

Inspired by the restaurant’s hit summer menu, FISHBone will offer a range of ‘fastfish’ dishes created by head chef Dan Loftin, including the signature Scallopdog with brown shrimp and cucumber vierge; Yellowfin tuna burger with sesame, soy and
radish; Salmon “donor” with pitta, cucumber and yoghurt, and Pulled skate with beurre noisette and capers. All to be enjoyed and accompanied with a range of extras and sides, including Prawnish pasties and Crab bahjis. Food is served on trays, perfect for diners to share a selection of dishes and unwind in the restaurants fun and relaxed atmosphere.

I headed down to the popup earlier last month….

photo 1

Huge tuna patty burger with Asian inspired flavours of soy, sesame and radish for texture and crunch.

photo 2

The crab bahajis were a little on the greasy side and could done with a few more to go around but were spicy and crisp, with added raita on the side was delicious.

photo 3

 When I think doner I think large pitta bread loaded with questionable meat, salad and garlic sauce. The Salmon Doner was not what I was expecting, very small pitta  filled with slithers of what looked like smoked salmon and peppery salad. I imagined chucks of flakey carved salmon piled high with lashing of sauce but was disappointed lack of flavour. Maybe my expectation was too high but it was clever idea but just not executed well.

photo 4

The prawnish  pasty was the star of the dinner! delicate pastry filled with buttery well seasoned prawns  – I could of eaten three more!.

photo 5

A winning dessert a sticky toffee sundae a creamy frothy topping with sprinkled sugared walnuts and chunks of warm sweet sticky toffee pudding throughout. Total heaven!

photo 2

Overall I enjoyed my evening at #FISHBone but I think there are tweaks that need to be made in order for a successful popup.  With other seafood popups around town at the moment serving larger portions, high quality seafood at good prices competition is fierce.  Having said that the restaurant was fully booked, the dishes on the menu are inspiring but needs a little something more. The hardwork put into the restaurant is evident from the man made tables, artwork and friendly attentive staff.

Kensington Place, 201 Kensington Church Street, London, W8 7LX | 020 7727 3184 |

Tuesday to Thursday: 12noon – 3pm; 6.30pm – 10:30pm
Friday to Saturday: 12noon – 3pm; 6.30pm – 11pm
Sunday to Monday: Closed

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