New foodie products on the market


Priding themselves on health and nutrition Rebel Kitchen have created a selection of  natural, lactose and dairy free drinks; chocolate, banana and chocolate orange flavours. The base of the drink is made from coconut milk and superfood cacao (raw chocolate) giving the “mylk” a richer and chocolatey taste. It reminded me of drinking the chocolate milk from the bottom of your coco pops, complete nostalgia!

Being dairy free I was waiting for a bad after taste but there wasn’t one. Chocolate milkshake but without the milk is genius!.



The new “Mylk” is primarily targeted at children however with the success of Innocent smoothies Rebel Kitchen could easily fit into the adult market with a few branding tweaks. The colourful fun cartoon characters and miniature size carton are perfect for kid’s lunchboxes and out and about snacks. The  logo is what stands out to me, cheeky sailor heart tattoo with wings gives the emphasis on being bold, daring and a little bit naughty.

Rebel Kitchen are a fantastic new healthy and delicious drink for all, on trend with the coconut theme and exactly what organic and wholefood enthusiasts crave.



Joe and Seph have revolutionised the way we see and eat popcorn, no longer just a snack at the cinema popcorn has become the UK’s snack of choice. With 34 gourmet flavours under their belt, J&S’s mix of savoury, sweet and traditional creating some innovative and genius flavours such as Peanut Satay, Gin and Tonic and Mince Pie!

I tried the Cheese on Toast popcorn coated in toffee  topped with grilled cheddar cheese giving the popcorn a burnt toffee, tangy, Ritz cracker taste. There is a spicy after taste from the mustard and their secret ingredient Worcestershire sauce. The popcorn is light and not sickly but highly addictive.  I handed it to my work colleagues who mentioned these buzz words; nutty, creamy, peanut brittle, Toffee Crisp for cheese lovers! an eclectic mix of tastes for sure!.



Vini & Bal’s rustic Indian curry sauces are a range of chilled Punjabi spice blend bases that allow food lovers to create authentic Indian cuisine.  All gluten free and available in three flavours at Sainsbury’s, Booths and Ocado –Fiery Mirchi, Jeera and Shahi. Coming from a Punjabi background myself I was intrigued to see how these sauces tasted so I cooked up a prawn curry using the Jeera pot.
The packaging stands out, bold and colourful.  The sauce itself is rich, full of body, rusticly chopped vegetables to create a thick textured curry. Full of flavour, heat and spice exactly what I wanted after a long day at work, total comfort and a taste of home cooking.
Vini and Bal’s sauces stands out as fresh, steeped in tradition, spice and authentic. Already getting huge PR and TV exposure and response,  Vini and Bal’s quick dinner fix is a must try for curry lovers.