B.O.B’s & Co Lobster popup

This is going to be a very quick post of praise on my behalf, best popup around at the moment!

B.O.B’s & Co Lobster  a regular on the street food scene are currently hosting a popup above The Rising Sun pub in St Pauls, London.

Usually serving up their famous lobster rolls from their VW van B.O.B’s have transformed the room into a mini dining room diner.

photo 1]

Their menu comprises of various tantalizing seafood starters and an extensive booze menu.

photo 2

Our lovely waitress recommended getting a few starters to share but we were holding out for the lobster… of course we caved and ordered a round of  pig cheek tacos.

Tender marinated of diced cheek sat on top a mini tortilla bread with a sour pickled salad was a little taste of Mexico on a plate. Simply divine!

photo 3

The star of the show was the lobster roll, thick chucks of fleshy lobster tucked into a toasted buttery brioche roll with their housemade sauce lightly coating the sweet meat.

The skinny fries came with a  spicy tangy chipotle mayo a genius condiment!

photo 4

The roll was on the little expensive side priced at £15 (£20 at Burger and Lobster) however I am all about supporting street foodies and B.O.B’s and Co passion for what they do is evident.

People often ask me what’s the point of popups and this is why; the attention to the venue, decor, staff, food and drink was outstanding.

Excellent food, a relaxed atmosphere and a barman who can knock up a cocktail at your request gets a 10/10 review from me.