Wraggamuffins is a boutique bakery founded by Selina Wragg. Taking inspiration from her travels in the USA, Selina started the business back in 2010 selling American classics with twist from a her bakery in Ealing.

Colossal sized muffins, cupcakes, brownies and miniature delights make up a gorgeous selection of desserts for all ages.


What makes Wraggamuffins stand out from other independent bakers? Simple! their big, bold, vibrant and imaginative combination flavours;


 Rocky road cupcakes made with a light chocolate sponge filled with almonds and chewy gooey marshmallows and a rich chocolate frosting for more indulgence.

Or how about coffee and doughnut – very clever! A mocha flavoured sponge topped with vanilla bean frosting a mini chocolate doughnut is a sweet tooth’s dream.

photo 3

photo 4

 Not forgetting Wraggamuffins signature brownies, decadent  rich moreish chocolate with a sneaky added ingredient; two caramel biscuit sticks baked into the brownie mix.

Cookie dough brownies with raw cookie dough blobbed into middle of the brownie bake. Why? Because its sinfully deelish!!

photo 1

Wraggamuffins mini cupcakes are adorable! palm sized pixie cupcakes filled and topped with a choice of chocolate chips, coconut, blueberries and new flavour marmite and bacon!

photo 2

Being a West London girl myself I am all for bigging up local talent and Wraggamuffins is certainly one to look out for. Selina has blended her love and passion for baking with divine unique flavours. 

Looking forward to seeing what this lady has in store in the future!. 

*First two photos are by Selina Wragg.