Review of Tea India Chai

Tea India is a range of Chai teas that promise to bring the authentic taste of the East to the contemporary world of the West. Tea India’s team of specialist buyers, blenders and testers has used an 80-year heritage in the industry to create three, distincteveryday blends suitable for any palate.

tea chai

The best way I can describe Tea India chai is subtle, earthy, perfumed spices within a black leaf tea mix to create a flavoursome and enriched cup of tea.  Brewed in hot water like a normal teabag or the traditional Eastern way of steeped in piping hot milk. Chai is a centuries-old beverage that has its roots deep in Eastern culture and which is still a big part of everyday life in India. Tea India Chai can be drunk at anytime of the day, giving a calm warming release in every mug.


Jimmy Medhora, Tea India’s Master Blender has conjured up three chai options:


Tea India Masala Chai – Spicy and reviving, Tea India’s popular Masala blend takes a traditional black tea base and adds
ginger root, cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom, cloves and star anise for a rich, warming flavour.

Sniff the bag and  you are transported to a world of spice, earthiness and harmony.  Humming homely from the warming spices with a hint of pepperiness. Very aromatic and soothing, I am very impressed at it’s authenticity and freshness especially being in a small teabag and no added sugars or syrups.


Tea India Cardamom Chai – Tea India’s aromatic Cardamom blend fuses traditional black tea with cardamom for a distinctive,
exotic flavour appealing to seasoned Chai lovers.

The tea chai is fragrant, perfumed with cardamom but not overpowering with a minty aftertaste giving a refreshing sensation. A fantastic digestion substitute for peppermint tea.


Tea India Vanilla Chai – Tea India’s vanilla blend is a great introduction to chai for the unaccustomed palate offering a milder,
sweet and comforting alternative.

Not a sugary tea at all but a dash of honey would add an oomph to the chai. There is a floral element to the flavour of the tea, fresh and light like spring.


Tea India Chai range also includes a 100% black tea blend, available either loose or in tea bags, serving to complete
a comprehensive collection for every Chai drinker.  

Tea Indian Chai would be perfect for  an Eastern Inspired afternoon tea offering the ultimate ‘East meets West’ experience, or a delicious alternative to fruit tea. Check their website for your local stockist.