Review of The House of Peroni 2014

The House of Peroni is back for one month at 64 Lincoln Inn fields this time the three floor town house is inspired by Italian culture from 1963. Each room is transformed in art exhibits, bars and chill out zones for a once in a life time Italian culture experience, inspired by a moment or significant cultural event of that year i.e design, publication or Italian lifestyle.



Saturdays between 12 – 3pm is the Italian Brunch club. Chefs Silvio and Toto’s Menu is inspired by their Italian grandma’s (Nonna) cooking, comforting and simplistic food that the whole family can enjoy.

The Italian tradition of family eating together at a long dining room table is replaced with an snake spiral table. Created by Andrea Mongante the continuous ribbon dining table allows guests to interact with each other sharing experience the Italian way or “Dine with a Stranger”. Structurally clever as you are able to talk with the person next and across from you. Minimal decor with crisp white walls and dangling lightbulbs the table acts as the main focus of the room.


There are 3 complimentary drinks on offer; Peroni, bloody Mary &  San Pellegrino, a choice of 2 main dishes (pork sandwich or eggs)  and a trio of desserts.



Lobster croissant
Inspired by Nonna’s after- mass snack brioche salata replaces the ham filling with chunks of lobster and a lemon butter cream.
Zesty and rich from the lemon cream, sweet meat from the fresh lobster and delicate floral tones from the chive flowers. Flakey buttery toasted croissant, too heavy if brioche was used. A light breakfast choice with a touch of extravagance.


Fried chicken and monk’s beard (a type of Italian spinach)
A take on roast chicken and salad, the meat has been marinated in buttermilk making the chicken tender and succulent.  The crunchy breading of polenta and rice flour gives great texture to the nuggets of chicken.

A bloody Mary sweet tangy ketchup for dipping and celery salt for seasoning against the earthy grassy monk’s beard works beautifully.


Asparagus and potato salad
Influenced by rationing during the war, potatoes are a stable in Italian diets. Boiled Jersey Royal potatoes and short stemmed English asparagus. Lightly dressed with a sprinkling of seasoning and olive oil, fresh and perfect for summer.



Cassoela to go
Cassoela is a hearty winter pork stew, sticking to gran’s tradition served with homemade focaccia and picked red cabbage.
Served in a box lunchbox an Italian take on a pulled pork sandwich, sliced pork sausage in a light tomato sauce on a bed of kale leaves. A clever tube of homemade BBQ sauce is incredible! Smokey sweet and a perfect condiment.

IMG_9795 IMG_9797

Uova Alla Napolentana
Italian take on an English fry up,  Silvio and Toto’s Nonna gave the boys fried eggs with cheese  and slices of salami as an afternoon snack. A fried egg encased in a baked pan brioche topped with melted salty creamy Montgomery cheese. Sliced spicy Napolitan sausage with a side of fresh kale, a healthier alternative to a full fat hangover brunch.



Pastiera tart
Gluten free Wheat cake with orange blossom. Moist eggy custard like cake spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg was spectacular!

Fried Doughnut with espresso foam, like a mini crusty roll quite bland doughnut but the intense coffee flavour was perfect for an after dinner dessert. The foam more of a mousse filling, creamy, smooth mocha colour.

Sicilian cannoli with ricotta filling cream, lemon zest with glazed cherries and ground pistachios. Crisp outer shell and a rich but airy filling, delicious!

I recommend having the desserts in cannoli, cake, doughnut order. Each dessert gradually intensing in flavour.


The House of Peroni brings together the culture vultures of London and exposes them to the best of what Italy has to offer.
Bread & cakes are homely and fresh not a pasta or pizza in sight! Also no seasoning on the table, a bold statement which says the food speaks for itself. The presentation of the food is stunning, simplistic yet vibrant and tantalizing. Staff are extremely welcoming and informative about the history of the dishes and menu.  A very well hosted event with a dinner party ambiance.