Review of Pizza Union Spitalfields

Pizza Union is the latest pizzeria in town, perched in the heart of Spitalfields market this artisan pizza parlour cooks up thin crust authentic Italian pizza in their fire stone oven.



The restaurant has a relaxed casual vibe, a hangout for a quick drink or dinner.  Looking around there were a few singletons which was a great sight to see!  somewhere you can sit and eat in peace.

The high long tables are great for larger groups giving a bar feel.


Glancing over the menu the prices are cheap! Each pizza under £7 a bargain for London. But don’t think cheap means awful food on the contrary!


Customers order at the till and handed a pager to be buzzed when you pizza is done. Within minutes of ordering your food is ready to pick up.

I had the Reine pizza topped with mozzarella, olives, cotto ham, mushrooms and sprinkled parmesan. Generous amounts of each ingredient, served piping hot straight out the oven.

The pizza itself is light and filling, not stodgy or greasy.  Large in size but not overly huge ideal for a carb dinner.  The pizzas have a thin base and crust with no soggy bottom.


My blogging contributor was massively impressed too, her Quattro Formaggi was a cheese feast she craved. Again not heavy or dripping with oil, slightly charred from the oven adding extra crispness to the dough and smokiness to the cheesy topping.


We debated ordering a dolce (dessert) but as if by magic a ringed pizza filled with mascarpone and nutella appeared before us. Oozing, melting and sinfully indulgent chocolate with a creamy rich mascarpone was a dessert from the gods.


I’ll admit I’m not a massive pizza fanatic mainly because I have so many bad ones BUT Pizza Union has created a great pizzeria and pizzas that are actually delicious. Remaining authentically Italian with simplistic fresh toppings, thin crust and ready within minutes. Perfect for a pit stop dinner or a catch-up with friends.