Review of Drunch

Tucked behind bustling Bond Street is new health conscious café Drunch, serving up Modern European dishes with a strong ethos of healthy living.


From the outside Drunch looks like a contemporary greasy spoon, black white and chrome furnishings litter the outside “garden” which is basically a small area of alfresco tables and shisha smokers.
Table was booked for 1.30pm and central London was heaving with tourists and shoppers but walking into Drunch was like something out of 28 weeks later.. silence and deserted, where were the lunch time rush?!

OK so I was nursing a hangover, grumpy and needed feeding but as I glanced over the menu all I could hear were staff talking loudly across the cafe to each other, the on duty supervisor taking personal calls in front of me and eating his breakfast amongst it all. Zero marks for customer service! A very uncomfortable atmosphere, no music, no people, pretty dire, dark and dull so much so I wanted to walk out.

I dug deep to order the following:

Tiger Prawns in a mild garlic sauce – Mild it was not! Packed heavily with sliced and grated garlic, very pungent. The prawns were meaty and large swimming in a buttery, lemon and chilli  broth. A zing and sharpness from the lemon but no flavour of chilli could be detected. Vibrant dish but needed some spice and heat.


Onto the mains, I craved a heavy lunch and ordered the Piri Piri chicken with roasted vegetables and new potatoes. I was taken back by its beautiful presentation and impressive large portion. The chicken was succulent and juicy, kept on the bone to preserve its natural flavour. Encrusted in a colourful coating of chilli, spices and of course garlic the meat lacked any real taste, the garlic overpowered the whole dish. The Mediterranean roasted vegetables were nicely charred with a bit of a bite just as I liked it.


My blogging companion went for the salmon teriyaki with courgettes and onions somehow I knew this dish would be a small portion (which it was) and ordered a side of seasonal vegetables to go with it. The salmon was perfectly cooked with a sweet sticky teriyaki glaze however the disc of courgettes looked a little sad and lonesome on the plate. The side of vegetables didn’t arrive till towards the end of the meal which turned out to be the same ones from my main. At a whopping £14 there needed to be more to this dish.


We got our desserts takeaway which we were assured were made on site but I have to say all the cakes and tarts looked temptingly appetizing.

Apricot tart – a solid texture not creamy or eggy consistency as I thought, at a glance it looked like a custard tart or pie. Needs a dusting of icing sugar for more sweetness, very underwhelming tart and quite bland.


Cheesecake – large heart shaped cheesecake with a buttery biscuit base infused with almond essence. Hollowed out for a thick rich cream cheese filling packed with vanilla bean. Couldn’t believe how good this was!! The star of the meal!


Drunch was a hard one for me to judge but overall I think it has an identity crisis, it is a café? a shisha haunt? or health spot??! From it’s glossy website it does portray itself as a hip hangout for healthy Med/ European food however apart from the drinks there weren’t many healthy options. Not a huge array of salads or gluten free dishes on offer. There is a Middle Eastern feel to the place maybe something that should be honed into like Yalla Yalla. With Whole foods popping up around London a real push on fresh juices, foods and desserts, smoothies that are made to order could be another idea to boost popularity much like Joe and Juice.

The real let down was the lack of customer service and unprofessional staff.  Reading other reviews I know I am not the only one who has experienced this. Sorry Drunch but I expected more.