Review of Megaro Bar

Kings Cross has certainly changed over the past five years, it’s always been somewhere I pass through but never stop off for a wonder. How times have changed! with The Grainstore, KERB and Caravan adding to the area, NW1 is fast becoming the latest trend spot to dine in London.

No more can be said for basement bar Megaro, run by Aussie native Ben Clark who has a strong bartender history under his handsome belt this is his first venture in London.


I popped down to check out Megaro’s new summer cocktail menu. As you follow the sign of Darkroom in Use you are greeted by a red velour curtains, no this is not a peep show but pulled back reveals a dark, mysterious, theatre/ film set furnished room.


Cosy and sexy vibe from the darkened coves of booths ideal for dates, you feel are in a luxury vintage cinema. Spotlights hang from the low ceiling highlighting photographs, posters and strips of rushes for a film noir ambience.


Along the far end is the aptly named the Picture Room, walls littered with framed still and moving images, much brighter and alive compared to the dark room,  perfect for small parties.

Dividing the rooms is the bar, an American style bar fully stocked with every tipple and poison gleaming through the moody setting. Even the mini decanters glisten in the dimmed lighting, something very classy and dare I say erotic about Megaro.


Ben walked us through the set up of the menu, written out like a theatre program each act is staged to build up your tastebuds each cocktail intensifying through every act. By the time you reach the finale you will be sipping on cocktails much more fuller and bolder taste.


You won’t find a garnish or flamboyant way of serving cocktails, instead you will be presented with an elegant no fuss glass, a drink made with love and care, not overloaded with ice or sugar syrup just a chic contemporary cocktail.

I started off gently with a Lavendar mob fizz; pale yellow coloured drink made from beefeater gin shaken with lemon, egg white, lavender syrup and zedda paras myrtle berry syrup. A soft, smooth, creamy and foamy cocktail. Aromatic from floral lavedar and lightly sweetened from the syrup leaving a senual hum/ fizz from the airy egg white.


My blogging contributor had the Epicolada – a taste of paradise, sunshine and bliss this summery concoction is a twist on the classic Pina Colada. Minus the cocktail umbrella and awful coconut cream mess this epic drink is a blend of rum,  almond washed pineapple juice and coconut flavoured sugar syrup. Exotic, fresh, almost juice like its sweet, packed with coconut even around the rim.


Time for some food, now bar food can be hit and miss but Megaro ‘s menu was exceptional. 

Brushetta topped with a generous homemade green pesto, toasted pine nuts dusted with parmesan. Completely overwhelmed on how good this dish was, large slice of crisp brushetta lavished with a generous helping of vibrant fresh pesto and rocket leaves was of restaurant standard. 


Red pesto with buffalo mozzarella was a lighter dish but still remained flavoursome, seasonal and organically delicious.


Monroe Three Five One inspired by the lady herself this champagne cocktail is a mix of absolute vodka, amontilllado sherry and barrel aged Gomme in Perrier. Boy did it pack a punch. An elegant,  glamourous feminine drink with a touch of extravagance  and sophistication in each sip.


Borsch Mary a Russia meets Mexico fusion of tequila Borsch tomato mix and house made hot sauce. This ruby red cocktail was fruity and delicately spiced with chilli, it’s beautiful colour is enticing to the eye as well as your tastebuds. The hit of tequila is gradual and not a slap in the face.


More food was needed and up next were the cod cheeks lightly breaded and deep fried till golden the fish remained silky and fleshy. Served with a sharp house made tartar sauce had lots texture and flavour against the sour salted charred peppers.


Inspired by a trip to mystical Hong Kong Chinese Courage is a light and soft cocktail mixed with Colombian aged gin and plum blossom cordial for a floral sweet finish. Think alcoholic English spring cocktail; refreshing, smell of flowers and rounded off with a hint of gin. Spiffing!


Final cocktail of night was Land of Grace a rum based drink sweetened with New Zealand clover honey syrup and kept smooth with a final touch of white port. A copper coloured cocktail enriched with a caramel, rich and full flavour delicately sweet but strong with the added port.


Megaro bar simply blew me away, it’s in another league to all the speakeasy, dive and experimental cocktail bars in London. Cocktail curator Nico Piazza and owner Ben have created a seasonal cocktail menu, garnish free and simplistic. Stunning restaurant style food, beautifully presented this is no ordinary bar menu expect to dine not to snack. I could go on and on praising Megaro bar but hand on heart the best off beat bar I’ve been to. 10 out of 10!