Review of Whyte and Brown

Kingly Court has fast become the food hub of central London, several restaurants and bars crammed with diners spilling over into the courtyard. One of the more sophisticated  bistro style eateries in the courtyard is Whyte and Brown.

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Priding themselves on quality, local and ethical ingredients Whyte and Brown only use local artisan bakers, farmers and producers to create flavoursome and fresh dishes.

Whyte and Brown’s summer menu features flavours and dishes of holidays in the Mediterranean; chargrilled meats, vibrant salads as well as some BBQ favourites.  Some meals are cleverly matched with selected craft beers to enhance their taste.


The restaurant has two floors and an outdoor area perfect for alfresco dining. The ground floor was specifically designed for an open kitchen and restaurant feel, the upstairs is the main restaurant with a modern diner décor. 

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From the outside my perception of Whyte and Brown was a bit snooty, waiters dressed in white shirts, oversized wine glasses and actual cloth napkins on tables. However once seated I took a closer look around and saw that diners were a range of families, students and tourists. The menu is far more casual than expected, less gastro more street food with finesse.

Time for food! A shared starter of South Coast crab on toast, a log of toasted buttery well baked and wonderfully seasoned focaccia laid across a wooden board. Rich, earthy brown crab meat sat against the sweet fresh white crab meat was divine. Sectioned by smashed creamy avocado, tomato salsa and apple matchsticks was a perfect starter. Each bite was  a contrast in texture and taste, stunning presentation and visually appetizing.  WARNING it’s a very large starter so come wearing your stretch jeans if you want a  3 course meal.

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For main was the twisted chicken souvlaki , a skewer of succulent chunks chargrilled chicken and Mediterranean vegetables. The meat was piping hot and juicy however I couldn’t pick up any spice or seasoning on the meat. Served with a warm flat bread,  fuschia beetroot hummus, pomegranate gems and tzatziki. The fruitiness of the pomegranate and beetroot worked well against the slight burnt meat with a cooling sensation from the creamy tzatziki. I liked the street food element to this dish, a posh chicken kebab  wrap which was tasty and light anything you can eat with your hands gets a thumbs up from me. 

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My blogging contributor  ordered the grilled chicken paillard –  flattened chicken breast, heritage tomatoes, wild rocket, olive oil and lemon juice.  The heirloom tomatoes of different colours and shapes added contrast and fruitiness to the dish. The chicken was brilliantly succulent but too salty for our taste.  It was a posher chicken salad but it lacked that je ne sais quoi.

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We split the dessert of a chocolate orange tart with a dollop orange mascarpone on the side.  An indulgent, smooth, rich yet not bitter chocolate topping enhanced with the orange flavour was divine. The mascarpone was not necessary but if you like extra sinfulness it’s a perfect accompaniment. 

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Whyte and Brown is a fabulous spot for lunch or dinner, very relaxed setting although within a bustling area you don’t feel cramped or too noisy. Staff are incredibly accommodating, well presented and polite and most of all knew the menu. They were rushed off their feet however remained attentive and were able to give recommendations on their fave dishes. Each meal was superbly presented, stunning in colour, seasonal ingredients and passionately made.