Review of The Cafe, Hotel Cafe Royal

The Café  at Hotel Cafe Royal is a beautiful luxury eaterie in the heart of London’s vibrant Regent Street celebrating the European tradition of café culture.


On arrival you walk into a slice of luxury cafe heaven, stunning golden marble walls and counter surfaces. Staff are immaculately dressed with top class British butler service, with such lavish surroundings you are made to feel like royalty. The display cabinets are alluring,  filled with decadent cakes, chocolate truffles and pastries mimicking works of food art. These are created fresh everyday by Hotel Café Royal’s executive pastry chef, Andrew Blas. The Café offers a light menu of seasonal dishes alongside an espresso bar.


IMG_1028 IMG_1030 IMG_1029 IMG_1036

The Café is currently running a takeaway offer buy any cake worth £5 or more and receive a complimentary coffee.

I was kindly walked through the different desserts on offer, from miniature sponges to large gateaus, bunt cakes and mille- feuille you are dazzled by it all.

I went for the Bananza cake,  fresh vanilla and cinnamon cream sat on top of a banana infused sponge topped with a sweet caramel layer. Delicate thin walls of chocolate lined the sides of the glorious cake which melted in the mouth. The banana sponge layer was light and well baked (banana cake can be gummy) the flavour of banana perfumed throughout. The whipped fluffy rich vanilla filling was velvety smooth more like a mousse with a gentle touch of cinnamon spice.   The honey coloured  caramel topping added that extra buttery toffee goodness.

IMG_1102 IMG_1045 IMG_1050

The bananza cake was flawless, simply an exquisite.  None of the flavours overpowered one another, every layer and bite complimented each other.

Take advantage of The Café offer available on takeaway only from 14 July to 30 September 2014. Hot drinks, cakes and selected dishes are also available to takeaway.