Review of Clockjack Oven

Review of Clockjack Oven

The latest chicken restaurant to hit London is Clockjack Oven, specialising in organic free range rotisserie chicken served straight on the spit fork. The small casual restaurant is just off Piccadily Circus, very busy for  Wednesday night with the long tables clogged with after work folk and tourists hunting for a pre theatre feast.

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Our lovely waitress Maria pointed out their Carnival themed specials of Jamaican Jerk marinated chicken served with a pineapple slaw however after glancing over the menu all afternoon I knew exactly what I wanted –  Clockjack Oven’s signature half chicken with a side of grilled seasonal vegetables and coleslaw. You can choose a sauce to smother all over your chook (BBQ, chilli, house ranch or gravy with herbs) not to be boring but gravy was the best option.

The chicken is served on the bone in two pieces of thigh and leg and wing beneath. Golden brown and succulent but the skin did make the meat slightly greasy.  The roasted vegetables were nicely charged but were disappointingly cold. I was expecting piping hot grilled veg especially as its suddenly turned autumnal outside.


The coleslaw was fresh not soggy made with coarsely grated vegetables and was not drowning in mayo,  could of done with a touch more seasoning.


The gravy was served in an adorable chicken shaped gravy boat, a deep brown rich colour with lots depth and herby flavour however it was very salty.


Making way for dessert of pecan and maple syrup tart was a slice of perfection. The caramel earthy maple thick filling was moist (hate that word but it’s true!) and sugary sweet. The nut topping added bite and crunch to the tart.


The passion fruit sorbet stood out on the menu, a creamy fruity light dessert perfect as an after dinner palette cleanser. Refreshing with a hint of the exotic thrown in.


Oooo forgot to mention the pomegranate cider now that was fantastic and never seen before. Fruity without that weird bitter aftertaste like other fruit ciders.


Overall Clockjack Oven was a pleasant dining experience, a buzzy and fun restaurant great for a quick bite to eat with friends. The prices are pretty average for central London but their portions are large and their lunchtime salad box menu is a great healthy alternative to a Pret sandwich.