Review of pasta masterclass at Burro e Salvia

About a month ago I experienced the ultimate back to basics  pasta masterclass at Burro e Salvia in Shoreditch.

Hosted by co-owner Gaia Enria and team this intimate cooking class of 10 people showed us semi amateur cooks how to make 2 Italian pasta dishes the traditional way.. .by hand!


Burro e Saliva is a small Italian deli/ caterers/ restaurant/ cooking school all rolled into one. Offering an authentic menu of wholesome Italian dishes, all pasta made fresh daily. Using only the simplest ingredients of flour, water and egg we rolled up our sleeves to knead, mix, cut and twist.

We made two different dishes, one a Taglierini with cream and pancetta and the other a Tortelloni with a cheese and spicy tomato filling. This was my first time making fresh pasta so the excitement to get stuck in was insane.

First task was making the tortelloni something I seen Jamie Olivier make many times on TV, making well within the heap of flour adding small amounts of water at a time gradually creating a roll-able dough.


Onto the pasta maker changing the width settings each time you fed through the dough to create a long thin sheet of pasta, dusting with flour to stop sticking.


Cut up into quarters and set aside it was onto the taglierini the dough was pre-made by the Burro staff all it needed was to be sliced into slithers. 


The fun part was filling the tortelloni, carefully not over loading each square, gently sealing the edges and cutting them into half moons with a delicate twist and pinch to create a perfect shape.

Both equally delicate in flavour, shape and texture the sense of accomplishment was overwhelming. Our pasta creations were neatly boxed up to take home and enjoy.


We ended the pasta masterclass with a sample plate of the cooked dishes….



A wonderful intimate pasta cooking class, one that I have ticked off my bucket list. The teachers were patient and explained each process in detail. Be prepared to get covered in flour but it’s all part of the fun. You can also sample Burro e Salvia at The House of Peroni till the end of Oct