Review of Anges De Sucre

Boutique patisserie Anges De Sucre (Sugar Angels) launched their Christmas range this week featuring their beautiful handcrafted macarons and gourmet marshmallows.





Rows of rainbow marcarons with flavours inspired by founder Reshmi Bennett’s exotic background include signature classics of Fruit of the orchid.  A vanilla macaron infused with Madagascar vanilla pods for an intense flavour or how about a Raspberry Ripple filled with plump fruity bits blended in a rich white chocolate.


New experimental creations includes the All Americana a stateside inspired macaron with a sunshine yellow meringue shell filled with a creamy peanut butter cream and chocolate glaze.


My favourite was the Hula Aloha a lychee puree with a rose water and petal filling with a sprinkling of raspberry dust. Deliciously fruity, delicate and flavoursome.


Anges de Sucre was founded by Londoner Reshmi Bennett, who trained in classical French cuisine in Paris at Ecole Gregoire Ferrandi. Born and raised in Kuwait with Indian parents, Reshmi has also lived in Paris and London, and was inspired by her global background to create a unique taste experience in the marshmallows and macarons, which borrow flavours from around the world.

The shop is a romantic whimsical haven decorated with pastel colours,  an abundance of flower garlands, hand painted kingfishers and birds creating a fantasy wonderland.  


The enticing window display of hanging rainbow coloured macarons act like dazzling jewels and gems, you are completely transfixed at the charm,  art and gorgeous desserts on offer.  


You can customise your own gift boxes and even design your own flavour of marshmallow or macaron for special personal gifts such a chic party favours or wedding desserts. Reshmi works closely with you to get every detail right, from the taste, design, colours every inch is personalised to your desire.

The shop also acts as a hen party venue if you are looking for a more intimate, elegant and girly activity.