Review of Le Garrick restaurant

This week charming French restaurant Le Garrick celebrated their 25 year anniversary by throwing a dinner for London foodies.


Le Garrick is a family run business, couple Dominka and Charles met in the restaurant 8 years ago and now run the restaurant like a well oiled machine.  Charles’ French roots and upbringing heavily influence the menu, cooking up traditional and regional dishes from Toulouse, Burgundy and the Basque country.

Le Garrick is a very intimate brasserie style restaurant, candle lit tables are close together,  the all French staff bustle their way to and from the kitchen. It is quite noisy and you feel you have to talk over the other’s conversations however it at all adds to the buzzy busy atmosphere of the restaurant.

An extensive array of sharing plates were served throughout the evening;

Foie Gras Du Sud Ouest – Traditional dish sourced from the South West of France these miniatures delights were served on a slice of soft brioche and fig chutney. The rich depth flavour of the foie gras was stunning, a smooth texture which melted in your mouth. The fruity sweet taste of the fig chutney was an ideal match against the luxurious pate.


Escargots De Bourgogne  – this was my first time eating snails and I will admit I was a little nervous.  6 Burgundy snails were immersed within a  garlic and parsley butter,  meaty yet spongy with a slightly chewy texture much like a mushroom , the morsels were fantastically flavoured with a herby aftertaste.


Paté De Campagne Maison  and Assiette De Charcuterie –  An antipasti platter of cold cured meats from Basque country served with the chef’s coarse homemade pate. The meats were intensely salted and smoked for 18 months creating dry fresh cold cuts. The pate was delicious two thick wedges of coarse pressed meat with lots of freshly cracked black pepper for a hint of spice. Incredible.


Cassoulet De Toulouse – a hearty slow cooked stew/ casserole with duck, sausages and pork served on a bed of white lingot beans. A very traditional dish from Toulouse is a one pot wonder,  the perfect winter meal of tender pork and duck, thick smokey  sausage and rich aromatic vegetables. The beans remained firm but enough softness to be  mashed, simmered in a tomato sauce (not too much) for added flavour and not to dry the meat out.


Magret De Canard à l’Orange – Duck breast served with orange sauce, served with homemade mash potato and spinach.  The seared duck breast was cooked pink and tender to perfection laid on a bed of soft creamy velvety mashed potato was the ultimate dish. I am not a fan of fruit flavourings with meat but the orange taste did not overpower the duck but simply added a distinctive sweetened aftertaste.


Boeuf Bourguignon – The don of all French dishes,  another slow cooked dish of beef  chunks marinated and simmered in red wine served with seasonal vegetables. This wholesome meal was the star of the table especially as  it is one of my favourite dishes. So rich the aroma alone — that deeply sweetened  smell of onions, slow-cooked beef, and red wine is mouthwatering. 


Working his way up from a cleaner at Pret a Manger, owner Charles’ passion, hospitality and genuine love for his food, wine and staff is endearing. The restaurant has a homely feel, the friendly service and staff is flawless. The food can be summed up in one word: Superb. Family size portions, wholesome, hearty and comfort French food just like mama used to make.  A gem of a restaurant a complete escapism from London you are transported to a bistro in Paris minus the extragavant prices and tourism.