Review of Lucky Beach Brighton

Tucked in the arches of Brighton beach is street food hut Lucky Beach serving up the three B’s; Brunch, Burgers and Beers. Run by Mike Palmer, a former Londoner who packed in his Chiswick life to start up his own coastal street food business. Showcasing weekly popups and collaborations with London restaurants including Flat Iron, Lucky Beach is firmly becoming a hot spot in town.


An adorable and intimate hut spilling outside onto the seafront for mesmerising views of the sea and pier, it’s a no fuss sort of joint. Sturdy workshop tables line the restaurant floor with small upstairs for couples.



On to the menu which is divided into 3 sections; Sandwiches, Burgers and Mains with an extra 3 specials of the day on top. Prices are cheaper than London starting at £5.45 for a classic burger that includes two meat patties – bargain!


Blackberry and apple fizz- seasonal drink stood out on the menu made with squashed blackberries, apple juice, fresh thyme, lemon, sugar, sparkling water.  A summery fruity Pimms perfect on this gorgeous day, the essence of thyme gave a herby taste to the drink with the added lime and cucumber for that added freshness. 


On to the mains and first up was the Super Diablo Burger;  1/ 3 Suffolk longhorn meat patty, roasted chilli peppers, smoked cheddar, jalapeno, aioli, smoked streaky bacon, pickled onion, sauce and local leaves all in a demi – brioche. The meat is from a local farm who are part of  a conservation scheme  where the cattle roam freely to graze. The meat is hung for 35 days till dry and darkened in colour to retain a depth  rich flavour.


A zooted up version of the El Diablo burger already on the menu Mike took inspiration from a burger he ate in Texas to create a mind blowingly fantastic burger.  The thick meat patty is naturally juicy from its 40% fat content, topped with charred peppers and cheddar for an intense smokey BBQ flavour. A subtle chilli kick perfumes the burger with the added seasonal radish and leaves for crunch is an extra touch of goodness. The bun is soft and not overly rich with beautiful glaze and sprinkling of poppy seeds.


The skin on fries tossed in chopped herbs served with a smoked aioli were firm and crisp on the outside and perfectly fluffy and piping hot on the inside. The side of aioli oozed with garlicly goodness, creamy and rich in flavour.

The Fried Chicken burger called to me, pickle-brined fried chicken breast with a fennel seed crust, smoked jalapeno aioli, shredded winter greens on a soft potato bun.  The brined chicken (previously marinated in buttermilk) had an almost silky creamy texture, firm yet tender and succulent, the bronzed crunchy nobbly batter coating was seasoned and spiced superbly. It was my first time trying a potato bun (a great alternative to a brioche bun) and admittedly thought it would be a dense and gummy but how wrong I was. Made with mashed potato the starch and potassium makes the buns airy and a lighter rise.


 Lucky Beach is serving up the best quality burger I have tasted in a long time.  For a non chain, small restaurant that’s got heavy competition against numerous cafes and seafood shacks Lucky Beach stands out by a mile. I didn’t spot another street food vendor along the seafront, not even a dirty burger van. Dishing up local produce at reasonable prices, Mike and his team have started the wave of top notch street food in Brighton. Lucky Beach is the perfect casual dining restaurant for your junk food fix, a fantastic view of the sea, incredibly friendly staff you leave feeling complete. A must try when in Brighton.