Reverend JW Simpson Cocktail Spring Menu

From the makers of Bourne and Hollingsworth basement bar Reverend JW Simpson has launched its new spring cocktail menu. The bar itself is very Dalston, an intimate speakeasy with a shabby chic living room decor.

I glance over to the bar watching our cocktails being made with precision, passion and perfection. Clearly we are in the presence of excellent mixologists. Although the space is small we are given hotel bar table service, we are even told that our cocktails can be made to our own tastes which was a touch of class. The menu was not flooded with pages of drinks but instead selected seasonal bespoke cocktails using spirits of now such as gin and bourbon.

Spring Cup 

Small Batch Bourbon married with peach and elderflower, shaken with fresh strawberries, mint and lemon juice. A chilled paradise corker of a cocktail a mixture of fresh quintessentially British flavours with an aged smokey bourbon might sound odd but it works. Its fruity and zingy with a cooling aftertaste of caramel bourbon.


Pomegranate Haze

Hendricks Distilled Gin shaken with Mastiha Liqueur, pomegranate tea syrup and lemon juice. Middle eastern twist on a Stiff gin cocktail, dry yet refreshing. A light tipple to start the night. very sophisticated dainty and feminine, its pink blush colour screams beauty topped with an additional purple petal for prettiness.


Tahiki Punch 

A Tiki-Tastic blend of light and heavy rums, pineapple sherbet, fresh lime, Bitters and Palm Sugar syrup, topped with a kaffir lime leaf foam. An alcoholic Um Bungo! fruity sweet tropical flavours with the added earthy aged rum for a smooth aftertaste. A tingling sensation from the frothy airy citrus foam. 


Don’t let the peeling wallpaper and creeky stairs put you off of this underground bar, Reverend JW Simpson is off the beaten track but producing cocktails of posh hotel standard and even out doing it’s hipster competitors.