Review of White Men Can’t Jerk

White Men Can’t Jerk residency at the Star Bethnal Green is sadly coming to end but before they left I sampled their finest soul food.


It’s been a while since an entire menu has left my mouth salivating with the urge of wanting to order everything on offer.


We tried all the starters…

Salt Fish Fritters

Salted dried white fish coated in a Bhajji style batter, with fresh herbs and spices drizzled in a sour dill mayo. The fritters were bronzed to perfection with a crunchy chillied casing with flecks of green herbs and ruby scotch bonnets peaking through.  The intense saltiness of the tender flakey fish blended superbly with the zesty light citrus mayo, creamy with a tang to take the edge off the spicy fritters.


Wing Ting

WMCJ Wings are poached in red stripe then floured in a their secret spice dry rub, deep fried and glazed.  MIND BLOWINGLY GOOD! The tender chicken is succulent and juicy with its skin delicately crispy and spiced, lightly brushed with a sweet honey like coating. Finger lickin good!


Jerk Halloumi

Salty, creamy, thick meaty slabs of halloumi lightly charred for that intense smokey BBQ flavour topped  in the special WMCJ jerk sauce- spicy, sweet, sticky with a side of sexiness! The saltiness against the sweet is always a winning combo.


Onto the mains…

A hefty plate of signature jerk chicken served with a pineapple and mango salsa, slaw, root veg mash and of course rice and peas with a hard punch of WMCJ vibes.

The leg and thigh is BBQ’ed  to excellence, the charring of the skin  adds a bitter taste to the enclosed  tender on the bone flesh.  A thick layer of  special in house jerk sauce sets the chicken alight with peppery sticky sweet goodness, each mouthful giving a different layer of flavour. The plate itself is a rainbow foods, the soft comforting smooth sweet potato mash against the  chunky sunshine yellow soured tangy salsa and crunchy coarse slaw  is an eye and mouth melter. Each part of the dish  compliments one another, a real taste sensation of a dish.


Jerk Pork Burger

Toasted brioche bun is packed with 12 hour slow cooked pulled pork topped with slaw, an original apple sauce, pickled scotch bonnets and slaw. Marinated for 24 hours before roasting gave the meat it’s signature tenderness, sweet juicy pork meat  oozed within its special spiced brine. I did think it was going to be hotter but I added more of the jerk mayo from my fries for the chilli kick I craved. A moriesh burger without the mess!


WMCJ is street soul food at it’s best, there are many popups out there but this has to be in my top 3.   Jamaican food cooked by 3 white beardy chaps can’t be that good? YOU ARE WRONG! they have mastered the craft of Caribbean cuisine taking the essence of cook out food and  creating hearty authentic dishes that have the passion and love for jerk that most street vendors at Carnival can’t pull off!

Time to join Kickstarter lads and get your restaurant going,  this food is too good to be just a popup!