Review of Gaylord Restaurant

Gaylord Restaurant is situated in the heart of Fitzrovia tucked off Oxford Circus it’s a prime location for food. Serving North Indian specialties since 1966 the restaurant prides itself on their heritage of award winning authentic dishes and street food snacks.

On arrival it was like being transported back in time to a 1970’s curry house. White linen table cloths, retro patterned seats and an old school way of service. The menu is extensive with many options for starters, mains, veggie choices and grilled meats only section.

Our attentive waiter was quick to ask for our order and gave a few recommendations….

Golgappa Shots – Hollow puffed savoury rolls made from chick pea flour sat on top of a shot glass filled with tangy tamarind sauce and  aromatic lemon juice. The idea is to pour the  shot into the golgappa and scoff it all at once. The spiced liquid looked like dirty dish water and I did not want to drink it but with the waiter hovering over us I had to grin and bear it. The colours alone were off putting with the brown and mouldy green juice (It did not taste of lemon!) which must have been sitting out for a while as it was warm. It was really unpleasant to eat.


Paneer Jalfrezi Tacos – Inspired by Mexican street food these tacos were filled with chucks of seared spiced paneer, mint yoghurt, ruby chard and spring onions within a crisp taco. Paneer much like tofu doesn’t have much of a taste but the added spices and charring of the soft creamy cheese was divine. The cooling dip and tart chard were great flavour mixtures but I was missing more of a chilli kick.


Murg Malal Tikka- Tandoori roasted cubed chicken marinated in creamed cheese, yoghurt and aromatic spices.  Definitely the winning dish of the night, the chicken was so tender and juicy and delicately spicy with a chilli hum aftertaste.


Butter Chicken – I’ve never eaten butter chicken before and was overly excited to try it. Gaylord’s signature dish of Tandoori chicken deboned and cooked in classic tomato gravy with butter and cream. Good sized pieces of succulent chicken swimming in a copper coloured extremely creamy rich sauce (OBVS). It was a little too rich for my liking but the thick tomato base had a sweet yet sharp flavour but lacked the real spice and heat I craved.


Lamb Rogan josh – Tender cubes of lamb were slowed cooked to excellence but the masala gravy was missing that intense aromatic flavour. We were waiting for that burst of chilli that never came.


Overall Gaylord was disappointing. Presentation and staff were spot on but the food lacked flavour and spice, the two essentials to Indian cooking. Perhaps we ordered the wrong dishes but those we tasted were bland. We wanted comforting, chilli infused, hearty Indian curries.

For a Tuesday night the restaurant was busy almost every table full,  a few were regulars so clearly they are doing something right. If I was to visit again I would order the grilled meats the marinated tandoori chicken was incredible.