McCain Roast Potato popup

London’s first ever roast potato popup has arrived! The Sunday Best  is hosted by McCain (of potato fame) who have  collaborated with innovative experimental foodies The Robin Collective. The Sunday Best event is the ultimate experience for roast potato fans, showcasing different takes on the traditional family roast dinner across a series of themed rooms.

On arrival guests are greeted by a towering gravy fountain spurting 60 litres of luscious silky beef gravy infused with rosemary perfect for dipping your tatties into like a gravy fondue.



Each room is set around around the seasons;
Spring menu up first serving a molecular roast dinner salad of a lettuce leaf topped with shreds of cabbage, Yorkshire pudding, McCain roast potatoes, molecular condiments including cranberry, black pepper, honey and mustard dressing.


For summer Sunday Best went for the BBQ theme with a smoker machine filled with thyme and wood chips. McCain potato skewered kebabs are placed into the smoker and infused with that distinct oaky BBQ flavour. Genius!


A 1950’s ice-cream  bike served up a deconstructed roast dinner ice cream cone filled with a scoop of stuffing, a roastie, cocktail flake sausage and the choice of gravy and cranberry sauce / topping



Downstairs was a autumnal oasis of bronzed leafs covering the floors and carved pumpkins blowing out smoke. Guests inhaled the eerie aromatic smoke to awaken their senses and smells of a Sunday roast.


A wild foraged nut, mushroom and cranberry loaf accompanied this season.  Sat on a carrot puree, topped with a fried sage and homemade gravy this dish was the making of winter in a plate.


Finally we entered the home of the McCain family and it was suddenly Christmas! Our winter dinner was a pulled turkey, McCain roast potato, cauliflower mash and cranberry sauce. Nailing each element of what a Christmas dinner means to us, very nostalgic.



The most unusual and creative popup I have been to in months, the Sunday Best event combined the two best things of a good roast.. potatoes and gravy!!