Review of Belgo Holborn

Belgo Holborn has been given a brand new face lift. The Belgium restaurant is famous for its craft beer, moules and side of frites but other menu options include rotisserie chicken, risotto and pork belly. Having only visited their Covent Garden branch I was intrigued in seeing the newly refurbed Holborn branch.

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Surprisingly buzzing for a Wednesday night, hoards of after work crowds huddled around the bar whilst every table in the restaurant was taken. There was a bustling pub feel to the place, no cocktails were being ordered just pint after pint.

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We tried a selection of starters including cheese croquettes, king garlic prawns and Belgo pate with a Delirium jelly. I was disappointed at the lack of Belgian food to choose from, the croquettes and prawns being Spanish tapas style dishes however if I was to choose a stand out starter it would be the  pate creamy rich and flavoursome.

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The moules came in two types of broth Mariniere (garlic, white wine and a touch of cream) and Thai green. Both dishes contained plump juicy mussels of good quality for a chain restaurant. On first glance the mariniere took my fancy, it’s silky luscious yet simplistic sauce had me using a shell to scoop up every last drop. The Thai broth was a green moss colour and very watery. Overpowered by chilli, there was no balance of spice and fragrant ingredients. A dash of sweetness from coconut milk would do the trick.


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Okay I will admit I am not the biggest beer fan, in fact I never touch the stuff but I plucked up the courage to try the strawberry beer which for my girly palette was delicious. A light flavoured beer which was more like a cider.


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We ended the night with Belgium waffles one topped with dark chocolate sauce and the other a cherry coulis. I could of eaten 3 more of the cheery waffle sweet but slightly tart with both waffles fluffy with a toasty outside.


Overall my night at Belgo Holborn was enjoyable, there were a few menu choices I know to avoid at my next visit but the moules marinere and frites were a definite winner.